Sentence Examples

  • The group homes were harder because there were a lot of kids living there and the kids were meaner than the adults.
  • E� Mari containing little more than one great residence, and dominating lower towns of meaner houses, point to monarchy at all periods.
  • The old town lies low, and it is traversed by a great number of narrow canals or " fleets " (Fleeten) - for the same word which has left its trace in London nomenclature is used in the Low German city - which add considerably to the picturesqueness of the meaner quarters, and serve as convenient channels for the transport of goods.
  • It was his taste to preserve the skulls of the enemies he had killed - those of the meaner men to be used as flower-pots, while those of the princes were kept in special chests.
  • The meaner the suppliant was the more affably he would speak to him and the more speedily he would despatch his case.

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