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YourDictionary’s mission is to provide you with word meanings that are easy to digest and written in clear, simple language. A dictionary is meant to be a tool to help you better understand a word you may not have come across before, and that’s exactly what YourDictionary has been built to be.

Tackle a Word From All Angles

YourDictionary provides definitions from respected sources, parts of speech for each definition, clear sentence examples to help you further understand the meaning of a word, and word origins to help you better break it down. With these benefits, plus an easy audible pronunciation feature and resources inviting you to dive deeper into certain words, YourDictionary lives up to its name: it’s a dictionary made for you.

How to Use the Dictionary

The accessibility of YourDictionary’s dictionary tool makes finding what you need a smooth process.

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    After finding the definition you’re looking for, you can click on the dots beside every definition and add the definition to your clipboard so you don’t lose your understanding again.

Definitions From Trusted Sources

Original Definitions from YourDictionary

YourDictionary’s resources reach far and wide, guaranteeing you the best and most accurate definition of a word. Not only do we create original definitions that simplify meanings and give clear examples, but we provide definitions from authoritative sources on various subjects and compile them into one search result for you.

  • American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

    Provides precise and clear definitions, as well as comprehensive information on word history, synonyms and language variation.

  • American Heritage Dictionary of Medicine

    Over 17,000 definitions that reflect advances in medicine and alternative health ensure you understand health concepts new and old.

  • Computer Language Co. Computer Desktop Encyclopedia

    The oldest computer reference resource with over 20,000 definitions that cover everything in software and hardware.

  • Webster's New World College Dictionary, 5th Edition

    A comprehensive dictionary including definitions, idioms and word origins. The preferred reference of the Associated Press and newsrooms.

  • Webster's New World Finance and Investment Dictionary

    Provides over 3,500 definitions in the world of finance and investment covering everything from accounting to economics.

  • Webster's New World Hacker Dictionary

    A hacker-slang decoder that contains 1,000+ definitions, plus case studies, hacking theories, and even laws on internet security.

  • Webster's New World Law Dictionary

    A law dictionary that simplifies legal jargon by providing clear definitions for an everyday person to digest.

  • Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary

    Provides explanations on words and concepts within the broad field of telecommunications.

  • Wiktionary

    A collaborative resource that includes enough information to truly understand a word with a variety of etymologies, quotations, synonyms and antonyms.