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About YourDictionary

YourDictionary is the reliable, clear resource for everything you need to know about words and language. Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, YourDictionary is here to help you find your perfect definition or synonym and to answer your questions about grammar, literature, and culture. YourDictionary is a proud member of the LoveToKnow Media family of digital properties.

Who We Are

YourDictionary’s team of educators, linguists and journalists has created thousands of smart, fact-checked reference articles that explore everything from grammar rules to word usage tips to writing pointers. If it’s related to words and language, YourDictionary has you covered.

Need to define a word that’s tripping you up? YourDictionary brings together 16 authoritative sources of definitions and meanings, including Webster’s New World College Dictionary and The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

Looking to build your vocabulary or find the right word for a letter or essay? YourDictionary’s thesaurus can help with synonym suggestions from trusted sources like Webster’s New World Roget’s A-Z Thesaurus.

If you’re the type of learner who likes to see a word used in a sentence, YourDictionary has over 2 million example sentences to give you the context you need. Whatever word you’re looking for, we can help you understand it.

Meet the YourDictionary Team

YourDictionary’s leadership and editorial staff work with a world-class group of designers and engineers to deliver an accessible site that empowers language learners.

  • Howard Love - Founder & CEO, LoveToKnow Media - (Website | LinkedIn | Wikipedia | Crunchbase) - Howard founded LoveToKnow media in 2005 with the stated mission of making the world smarter. He’s been founding, funding, and managing startups for over 30 years. His first book, The Startup J-Curve, drew praise from Entrepreneur, Inc, MSNBC, and Venturebeat.
  • Ethan Trex - General Manager, YourDictionary - (LinkedIn) Ethan joined YourDictionary in March 2021 after spending 11 years in a variety of roles at Mental Floss, including President and Editorial Director. He is still mad about coming in second in his fourth-grade spelling bee.
  • Alice Bradley - YourDictionary Editor in Chief - (LinkedIn | Twitter) - Before joining Your Dictionary, Alice Bradley was the editor-in-chief of Lifehacker. She is the co-author of the book "Let's Panic About Babies!" She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family, which includes a four-toothed chihuahua and a murderous cat. Her favorite word is "conniption."
  • Michele Meleen - YourDictionary Staff Editor - (LinkedIn) - Michele is logical and creative in work and in life, firmly pairing mundane realities with fun whenever possible. Her background in education and children's programming has fueled almost a decade of professional writing and editing where she aims to keep learning and help others. You can read more of her work at LoveToKnow.com.
  • Jennifer Gunner - YourDictionary Staff Writer - (LinkedIn) - Jennifer believes that using proper grammar is a true superpower — and one that's not exclusive to superheroes! She began her career teaching middle and high school English before becoming a writer for YourDictionary.com.
  • Alyssa Serrani - YourDictionary Staff Writer - (LinkedIn) - Alyssa is a published writer and all-around word nerd. She taught English and ESL before joining the YourDictionary team in 2021.
  • Stefan Bott - Computational Linguist - (LinkedIn | ReasearchGate | Google Scholar) - Stefan is a linguist who started out as a theoretical linguistic researcher but gradually evolved into a computational linguist and data scientist. He studied at the University of Tübingen before earning his PhD at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. After that he worked at the University of Stuttgart. Contrary to what his name suggests, he is a human being. When he is not working, he likes to cook, travel, game, and hike.
  • Karina Goto - YourDictionary Image Specialist - (LinkedIn | Website) - Karina is an artist who lives between museums and nature. Before joining LoveToKnow Media, she had been designing for over 15 years for magazines and design studios. She has also published her own typography, Momoiro.

Our Audience

YourDictionary empowers over 24 million language learners to write and speak more clearly and confidently each month.

Feedback from our audience of word enthusiasts:

“This is my go-to source. I use it often, and I am grateful for having such a wonderful tool at my fingertips.”
“The best examples of sentences I have ever seen. Period. Keep it up.”
“This is the most helpful website I have found!”

Our Mission

At YourDictionary, we believe language is fascinating, and learning about it should be a lot of fun. Like your favorite teacher or professor, YourDictionary is passionate about making the world smarter—and it shows. YourDictionary uses upbeat language that’s easy to understand so you can master whatever topic has caught your curiosity. Our team will bring you the best, most memorable facts and pointers you’ve ever heard. We can even make learning grammar feel like fun. We promise.

Our Editorial Guidelines

The YourDictionary team wants to make sure you are always using the right word. To ensure that happens, we tirelessly fact check and source every piece of information we publish. At our heart, we’re a reference site, and we’ll give you everything you need to know about a topic in crisp language you can understand. But we’re more than a dictionary; we’re a site that wants to make you smarter. We want to show our readers that subjects that sound boring can actually be fascinating—and even topics that seem too difficult to understand aren’t so tricky if you look at them through the right lens.

We want our readers to have those “a-ha” moments that stick with them. If you have feedback or comments on our content, please contact us to let us know.

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At LoveToKnow Media, we know there’s nothing better than feeling smarter, and we help our readers learn. We reach global audiences with empowering, clear content that informs and inspires. Beyond YourDictionary, LovetoKnow Media includes:

  • LoveToKnow: Clear, comprehensive, and credible, our content celebrates curiosity and satiates inquiring minds. LoveToKnow is the digital destination for the information you need and love to know.
  • WordFinder™ by YourDictionary: The ultimate word finder tool to help you find the perfect play in your favorite online word games.
  • GolfLink: The most inclusive online golf community, GolfLink offers players of every skill level access to resources to enjoy the game, including information on more than 20,000 golf courses and tee times.
  • Bibliography: Take the stress out of citations with a quick, automatic, and easy-to-use bibliography maker. Any project can be top-notch with Bibliography.