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About YourDictionary

Here, at YourDictionary, our goal is to be the most reliable, clear English resource on the internet. We’re a dictionary and language website (with over 20 years of authority and history) for you, our readers.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, homeschooler, student, writer, English learner, or just an everyday person who loves learning about the English language, your understanding is the top priority for our dedicated team of educational experts. Our extensive definition, synonym, antonym, example, and reference article libraries are updated regularly, so you aren’t missing out on any relevant information about our words and their meanings.

Our Mission

At YourDictionary, we put your learning first and prioritize making the world smarter. The YourDictionary team is passionate about words and language. Our passion helps us explain the nuances of English in easy, relatable ways, so you can understand how to use words, phrases, and even punctuation better.

This means that no matter what part of the English language you’re trying to figure out, we’re putting 110% of our effort into ensuring our guides are easy to read, full of accurate, fact-checked information, and suited to satisfy your curiosity. Our goal will always be to provide the best and easiest learning experience for you: one word at a time.

Who We Are

If it’s related to words and language, YourDictionary has it covered.

Our team of educators, linguists, journalists, professional writers, editors, publishers, designers, and website developers has produced:

  • thousands of easy-to-read, fact-checked grammar and reference articles about the English language
  • millions of definitions, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, and more information about English words
  • an inclusive, accessible, easy-to-use website for language learners
  • constant updates to our content using verified and authoritative sources and fact-checking practices

Create a YourDictionary account and save your favorite words on the site, so you can reference them whenever you need them. We're continuing to customize the YourDictionary experience for every one of our readers, so you can pick and choose what's most helpful to you when you visit.

YourDictionary is a proud member of the LoveToKnow Media family of digital properties.

Meet the Team

YourDictionary’s leadership and editorial staff work with a world-class group of designers and engineers to deliver an accessible reference site that empowers language learners.

Language Leadership Team

With a combined background in digital publishing, content strategy, website creation, product management, SEO, and linguistics, YourDictionary’s language leadership team ensures our website is the best it can be for our readers. The team's combined passion for language translates into content that is factually correct and easy to understand.

  • Howard Love - Founder, LoveToKnow Media (Website | LinkedIn | Wikipedia | Crunchbase)
    Howard founded LoveToKnow Media in 2005 with the mission to make the world smarter. His debut bestselling book, The Start Up J Curve, has received accolades from MSNBC, Entrepreneur, Inc, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, and Worth.
  • Ethan Trex - CEO, LoveToKnow Media (LinkedIn)
    Ethan joined YourDictionary in 2021 and is now CEO of LoveToKnow Media. Before that, he spent 11 years at Mental Floss as President and Editorial Director. He is still mad about coming in second in his fourth-grade spelling bee.
  • Ana Hernández, PhD - CPO, LoveToKnow Media (LinkedIn)
    Ana jumped between the ancient realm of monastery libraries for her PhD, and the modern world of digital publishing and web content. She led content and growth strategy at SeeTheWorld, before joining LoveToKnow Media in 2020.

Our Editorial Guidelines

Because of our mission to help make the world smarter, our team takes extra precautions to ensure maximum accuracy in every single one of our articles and English definitions. They’re rigorously fact-checked, edited, and updated to include the most recent, accurate, and relevant information, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins.  

YourDictionary’s original article and explainer content is created by our professional in-house editorial team consisting of professional educators, writers, and editors. Our goal is to help you learn how to use language correctly in your writing, conversation, and at work or school. 

We want to show our readers that subjects that may sound boring can actually be fascinating, and that topics that seem too difficult to understand aren’t so tricky if they're explained clearly and factually. 

YourDictionary and YourDictionary’s thesaurus content brings together 16 authoritative sources of definitions, meanings, synonyms, and antonyms including: 

  • Webster’s New World College Dictionary 
  • The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
  • Webster’s New World Finance and Investment Dictionary
  • Webster’s New World Law Dictionary
  • Webster’s New World Dictionary of Quotations
  • American Heritage Science Dictionary
  • American Heritage Dictionary of Medicine
  • American Heritage Spanish Dictionary
  • Encyclopedia of World Biography
  • Webster’s New World Roget’s A-Z Thesaurus
  • Webster’s New World Hacker Dictionary
  • Webster’s New World Telecom Dictionary
  • Wiktionary 
  • Wikiquote
  • YourDictionary original definitions created by professional linguists
  • Computer language created by computational linguists

See our Editorial Policies to learn more about our rigorous editorial processes and standards for each article, definition, synonym, sentence, and article you see on YourDictionary.

Our Audience

YourDictionary empowers over 24 million language learners to write and speak more clearly and confidently each month.

Feedback from our audience of word enthusiasts:

“This is my go-to source. I use it often, and I am grateful for having such a wonderful tool at my fingertips.”

“The best examples of sentences I have ever seen. Period. Keep it up.”

“This is the most helpful website I have found!"

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