Sentence Examples

  • A great part of the river systems of the country with their flooded areas are highly favourable to the development of reptilian life.
  • The Eye is essentially reptilian, but in sharpness of vision, power and quickness of accommodation it surpasses that of the mammals.
  • The fate of the reptilian quadrate bone (which is reduced to very small dimensions in the Anomodontia) has been referred to in an earlier section of the present article, where some mention has also been made of the disappearance in mammals of the hinder elements of the reptilian lower jaw, so as to leave the single bone (dentary) of each half of this part of the skeleton in mammals.
  • An osteological question which has been much discussed is the fate of the reptilian quadrate bone in the mammalian skull.
  • The tympanum itself has been regarded as representing one of the elements - probably the supra-angular - of the compound reptilian lower jaw.

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