Sentence Examples

  • He will not hinder anything useful nor allow anything harmful.
  • She wasn't certain why her chest felt tight enough to hinder her breathing while her eyes were watering.
  • C. 12 recites that the hearing of appeals was an usurpation by the pope and a grievous abuse, and proceeds to take away the appeal in matrimonial, testamentary and tithe causes, and to hinder by forbidding citation and process from Rome, all original hearings also.
  • 15f) the luminous region is at the hinder end, the organ emitting the light consisting, according to H.
  • Parliament voted her £ 20,000 in 1660 for the payment of her debts, but Elizabeth did not receive the money, and on the 19th of May 1661 she left the Hague for England, in spite of the king's attempts to hinder her journey, receiving no official welcome on her arrival in London and being lodged at Lord Craven's house in Drury Lane.