Sentence Examples

  • Hydro-xerophytes (bog xerophytes) .Plants which live in ~t, peaty soils, and which possess aeration channels and xeroiilous leaves; e.g., Cladium Mariscus, Eriophorum angustifohium, if bus Chamaemorus, and Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea.
  • Bog ores were mined until about 1840; since that date they have had no market.
  • Iron is widely diffused, principally in the form of magnetite, brown haematite, limonite and bog iron.
  • Schmidt xanthosiderite, from 1'avOos (yellow) and otSnpos (iron), contains Fe 2 0(OH) 4, or Fe 2 0 3.2H 2 O; whilst the bog ore known as limnite, from At vn (marsh) has the formula Fe(OH) 3, or Fe203.3H20.
  • For many years such characterizations as "Wilderness City," "Capital of Miserable Huts," "City of Streets without Houses," "City of Magnificent Distances" and "A I1udhole almost Equal to the Great Serbonian Bog" were common.

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