Sentence Examples

  • To her credit, the little car wasn't meant for rough country, but Katie let up on the accelerator when the car started to bog down.
  • The bog horsetail, E.
  • The mineral had, however, been earlier known as a blue powdery substance, called "blue ironearth," met with in peat-bogs, in bog iron-ore, or with fossil bones and shells.
  • The wood, of unknown age, found submerged in peat-bogs, and of a black hue, is largely used in decorative art under the name of "bog-oak."
  • Bradley's characteristic protest (Ethical Studies, pp. 82, 83): " If we wished to cross an unknown bog, and two men came to us of whom the one said ` Some one must know the way over this bog, for there must be a way, and you see there is no one here beside us two, and therefore one of us two must be able to guide you.

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