Sentence Examples

  • It is no more than characteristic of Kant's whole speculative philosophy that he should' think the Ontological argument the one which comes nearest to st,-cess (yet the Ontological argument is held to prove - or rather to point out - not that God must exist, but that we think of him as necessary if we think of him as existing at all).
  • Peronia or cartilaginous proTentacle (hollow and tertiary, cess ascending from the i.e.
  • Update 20/08/2004 In Area A the removal of post-Roman pits - mostly cess pits of medieval date - is almost complete.
  • Any file descriptor created by the calling pro- cess or by the child process is also valid in the other process.
  • In 1685 he was appointed one of the Commissioners for collecting the Cess of the county (Ibid, VIII., 463).

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