Unique Evaluation Essay Topics

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Updated April 23, 2021
Student writing notes for Evaluation Essay
    Student writing notes for Evaluation Essay
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Evaluation essays assess a product, service, thought, genre, and more using statistics, observations, and reviews. Evaluation essay topics can cover just about anything. The key is to find a topic you're interested in. Use these unique evaluation essay topics to write your essay or get inspiration.

Life Evaluation Essay Topics

Your life might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an evaluation essay topic, but there’s inspiration here. Not only can you evaluate something you use daily like a cell phone, but you can assess your relationships and how they impact you!

  • Examine how cell phones have changed your life. Do you need a computer less? Does it take the place of face-to-face interactions? Is it hard to live without a cell phone?
  • Explore online relationships. How do online relationships differ from face-to-face ones?
  • Scrutinize communications online. Are you more candid in online conversations? How does it differ from real-life interactions?
  • Write a critical analysis of student lunch services at school. How are they lacking? What could be done better? What are they doing well?
  • Dissect the education system at your school and around the world. What is your school system doing well? What could they improve on? How could education be reformed to meet all students' needs, including those with disabilities?
  • How do parenting styles affect a student? Does your parent’s style work the best for you? What style is the most effective? Why?
  • Explore how curfews hinder independence. Should curfews be given to teens? What are the pros and cons of curfews?

Interest-Based Evaluation Essay Topics

The world is full of interesting things. From your favorite food to your relationship with your friends, dissect different interests through these evaluation essay topics.

  • Do an in-depth analysis of your favorite fast-food restaurant. How is their customer service? Are the products always hot and fresh?
  • Explore the performance of a favorite football team last season. What are some changes they should make? How did they perform during the season? Did their draft picks help improve their season?
  • Analyze your relationship with your best friend. What are areas that could improve? What is working in the relationship? How does it differ from relationships with siblings?
  • Examine your favorite movie theatre. What do they do well to make the user experience enjoyable? How could they make it better?
  • Dissect a favorite play or live performance. Discuss what the actors do that makes the performance so enjoyable. How could the overall experience be improved? Examine each individual part of the play from the director to the backdrops and sound.
  • Investigate your favorite food or restaurant. What makes it so amazing? How does it compare to other foods or restaurants?
  • Analyze a favorite online gaming system. What is great about the system? Are there options that should be offered?
  • Investigate the realism of online gaming. Can specific games harm an individual’s capacity to ascertain reality? What are the pros and cons of virtual realism?

Social Media & TV Evaluation Essay Topics

Media can open the door to several evaluation essay topics. Explore topics covering television, the internet, and even radio. Dive into the changes social media has made on society.

  • Do a thorough analysis of a recent news broadcast. What does the station do well as compared to other news shows? Where could they improve? Do they provide feel-good stories or only hard facts? What makes their news so compelling?
  • How has the use of the internet impacted marketing? What strategies are different? What techniques are used differently?
  • Complete an analysis of Snapchat. How has this social media outlet changed the way people communicate? Has it made people less responsible since posts disappear?
  • Evaluate a social media site like Facebook or LinkedIn. How does it help individuals to keep connected? What aspects could be improved? Has social media taken the place of face-to-face conversations?
  • Investigate how radio has changed in an online world? What are some of the pros and cons of online radio and music?
  • Analyze how the internet has changed the world and communication. What are the pros and cons?
  • Explore television as a form of media. How has television changed? Has online media such as Netflix and Hulu changed television? Can you have too much of a good thing?

Unique Evaluation Topics for Literature & Films

When looking for evaluation essay topics, it’s important to cover something enjoyable. Therefore, movies and literature offer expansive essay choices.

  • Analyze the most recent movie you watched that was adapted from a book. What areas did the screenwriters and directors do exceptionally well? What areas were lacking? How could the overall experience have been improved? What was removed that should have stayed?
  • Inspect a current movie or television show comedy. How has the comedy genre changed over time? What has become more acceptable in comedic movies or television shows as they have evolved?
  • Scrutinize the computer-generated graphics in a top budget box office hit. How has the CG changed in the last 10 years? What improvements are seen in CG now? Is it hard to tell what some of the CG scenes in the movie are? Why?
  • Investigate a top 10 book you’ve read. Explore what makes the book such a compelling read. Research what others are saying about it.
  • Create an essay on a classic novel like Pride and Prejudice. What is interesting and unique about the novel? What could it have been improved? How would it change if it were written today?
  • Evaluate the impact a controversial book, such as The Color Purple, has made on society, including when it was written and now. What makes it so controversial? Is it still a controversial topic?
  • Review a movie remake from the early 1900s. How has the remake changed? How has it stayed the same? Do people realize this is a remake?
  • Write an essay evaluating romanticism? How did this movement change literature?
  • Evaluate top movies from today. What makes them top features? How do they compare to top movies from last year or a decade ago? What trends are you seeing?

Art-Focused Evaluation Essay Topics

Art is fun. It inspires us. Use these evaluation essay topics to get inspired.

  • Evaluate the performance of your favorite band at their last concert. Were lyrics missing or changed? How was the overall performance? What were some mistakes?
  • Scrutinize a niche music genre such as polka or folk. What makes it a niche genre? What is unique about the music? What might turn people off?
  • Evaluate a famous artist. Explore their uses of painting techniques, style, and color. What made this artist famous? How do they compare to other artists of the time?
  • Examine a famous art medium such as sculpture or oil painting. What makes the medium so unique? Is it easy to work with? What are the pros and cons of this technique?
  • Write an essay analyzing contemporary art. How has it evolved over time? What makes something contemporary art?
  • Research how fashion design or architecture are an art form. What makes it an art form? How does it differ from other art?
  • Study a famous composer. What did this composer do to change musical composition? Should they have been famous?

Finding the Perfect Topic

Any essay can be interesting when you find the perfect topic. Arouse your investigative nature through diving into these evaluation essay topics. Don’t just stop at a topic either. Learn how to write your essay through this evaluation essay example.