Sentence Examples

  • He in turn, looked at her as if a princess was visiting his humble abode.
  • Step into my humble office.
  • When she is dispatched, I shall welcome the child into my humble abode.
  • But it was as a humble follower, not as a rival, that she took George Sand as sponsor.
  • It is not the least among the strange things bred by the intense artificialness of sea-usages, that while in the open air of the deck some officers will, upon provocation, bear themselves boldly and defyingly enough towards their commander; yet, ten to one, let those very officers the next moment go down to their customary dinner in that same commander's cabin, and straightway their inoffensive, not to say deprecatory and humble air towards him, as he sits at the head of the table; this is marvellous, sometimes most comical.

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