Sentence Examples

  • The young man sulked in, humbled in hoops by high school star Billy Langstrom.
  • The sensations humbled him, and he thought again of Mansr's words, that he needed to be more than an exiled war planner.
  • The idea of caring for her overwhelmed him again.  He'd never had a reason to try to control his power or to focus on anything other than surviving.  That a simple little mortal could show him just how little his Immortal and demon powers really meant humbled him.  If he found his way, it would be because of her.  Her distress and sorrow were, buried but he still saw them.  She was trying to be brave, asking him for one last moment of comfort before what she thought was the end.
  • It was not only the first territorial conquest from the Tatars, before whom Muscovy had humbled herself for generations; at Kazan Asia, in the name of Mahomet, had fought behind its last trench against Christian Europe marshalled beneath the banner of the tsar of Muscovy.
  • He had annihilated the petty kings of the South, had crushed the aristocracy, enforced the acceptance of Christianity throughout the kingdom, asserted his suzerainty in the Orkney Islands, had humbled the king of Sweden and married his daughter in his despite, and had conducted a successful raid on Denmark.

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