Sentence Examples

  • The majority of snakes are active during the day, their energy increasing with the increasing temperature; whilst some delight in the moist sweltering heat of dense tropical vegetation, others expose themselves to the fiercest rays of the midday sun.
  • In the interior of the grape, in the healthy blood, no such germs exist; crush the grape, wound the flesh, and expose them to the ordinary air, then changes, either fermentative or putrefactive, run their course.
  • A stick of green wood is forced into it, and the vapours and gases set free expose new surfaces to the air, which at this temperature has only a mildly oxidizing effect.
  • Thelyphonusassamensis d .Ventral surface of theanteriorregionof the opisthosoma, the first somite being pushed upwards and forwards so as to expose the subjacent structures.
  • This latter, the last of Gentz's works as an independent publicist, was a masterly expose of the actual political situation, and at the same time prophetic in its suggestions as to how this should be retrieved: "Through Germany Europe has perished, through Germany it must rise again."

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