Sentence Examples

  • Along the coastal margins they underlie the newer formations and appear in the deep valleys and kloofs wherever denudation has laid them bare.
  • It is, however, still possible to distinguish some traces of this formation towards the east, where atmospheric denudation has been less active.
  • In width, called the Dasht-i-Hamdamao, or Dasht-i-Ardewan, formed by the talus or drift of the higher mountains, which, washed down through centuries of denudation, now forms long sweeping spurs of gravel and sand, scantily clothed with wormwood scrub and almost destitute of water.
  • As a rule the crests of the ranges are worn down by aerial denudation and have the general appearance of rounded domes.
  • Denudation in earliest Eocene times has produced flint gravels above the chalk, and an ancient stream deposit of chalk pebbles occurs at Ballycastle.