Sentence Examples

  • It was the roughest flight Dean had ever taken.
  • Until the 19th century, traffic was carried on in Rumania chiefly by means of ox-wagons, over the roughest of roads.
  • Of uncultivable area covered by lakes, rivers, towns, &c. Only the roughest estimate is possible as to the sizes of holdings, but in general terms it may be said that about 3 million persons are proprietors of holdings under 25 acres in extent amounting to between 15 and 20% of the cultivated area, the rest being owned by some 750,000 proprietors, of whom 150,000 possess half the area in holdings averaging 400 acres in extent.
  • Stone and mortar are used in building, but the Abyssinian houses are of the roughest kind, being usually circular huts, ill made and thatched with grass.
  • The actual construction of successful masonry dams has varied from the roughest rubble masonry to ashlar work.

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