Adjectives That Start With R

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Updated September 13, 2022
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    Adjectives That Start with R
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Have you ever wondered why contestants in the television game show Wheel of Fortune are given the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E? The show wants to get straight to business, so they give away the most common letters. After all, "r" is a multi-faceted letter of the alphabet. Discover an extensive list of adjectives that start with "r" and you'll be on your way to boosting your vocabulary of descriptive words.

List of Adjectives That Start With R

It’s interesting to break down each letter of the alphabet and consider how they lend themselves to the world of adjectives. Indeed, "r" is no slouch in this department. Let’s take a look at 50 of the real winners, in alphabetical order.

Adjectives Beginning With Ra-Rh

Build your vocabulary by exploring some of the top adjectives that start with the letter "r."

  • rabid - extreme; fanatical
  • radiant - emanating light or joy
  • radical - far-reaching; revolutionary
  • radioactive - emitting radiation
  • rakish - dashing, yet slightly disreputable
  • rambunctious - being wild and disorderly
  • rampant - spreading uncontrollably
  • raspy - hoarse or harsh-sounding
  • ratty - shabby or unkempt
  • raucous - loud and rowdy
  • ravenous - extremely hungry
  • ravishing - very beautiful
  • rebellious - resisting authority
  • recalcitrant - refusing to obey authority
  • recondite - a subject that is little-known
  • refreshing - stimulating or reinvigorating
  • refundable - purchaser can return and get their money back
  • relevant - something that matters in a certain context
  • reliable - good quality; able to be trusted
  • reprehensible - abhorrent, deserving of punishment
  • repugnant - unpleasant, distasteful
  • repulsive - intense distaste; disgusting
  • resilient - able to recover quickly
  • restless - unable to relax
  • rhetorical - relating to rhetoric; a question asked to produce an effect rather than to garner information

Adjectives Beginning With Ri-Ru

Move on further in the alphabet to discover 25 more adjectives that start with "r."

  • rich - abundance; having a lot of something
  • ridiculous - absurd, ludicrous
  • rigid - inflexible, unmoving
  • rigorous - comprehensive, thorough
  • ripe - ready to harvest or eat
  • risky - dangerous; uncertain
  • robust - vigorous, strong
  • romantic - idealized perception, conveying a sense of love
  • roomy - large, sizeable; loose
  • rotund - round, spherical
  • rosy - pinkish in tint
  • rotten - spoiled, something that has gone bad
  • rough - harsh or violent; uneven or irregular
  • round - circular, spherical
  • rowdy - loud, boisterous
  • routine - ordinary, regular; repetitive
  • ruddy - reddish in color
  • rude - impolite; inappropriate
  • rudimentary - basic, low-level
  • rugged - tough; rough or uneven
  • rumpled - disheveled in appearance
  • rustic - rural, old-timey
  • rusty - out of practice; oxidized iron or steel
  • ruthless - having no pity or mercy for others

Even More R Adjectives: Building Re- Words

Many adjectives that start with "r" begin with re-. You can add the prefix re- to so many descriptive words. It often means “again,” as in your favorite food is refried beans, your failed test is redoable or your old car is fully restored. That said, re- doesn't always mean again, it can also mean “back” or “behind.” You might be reluctant to ride your bike at night without reflective gear.

Example Sentences With R-Adjectives

Review the example sentences below to get a sense of how adjectives that start with "r" are used in writing and conversation.

  1. If you step on a rusty nail, you'll need to get a tetanus shot.
  2. Muffuletta sandwiches are made on round bread.
  3. Lisa is a loyal and reliable friend.
  4. Her raspy voice indicated that she had a sore throat.
  5. Guido's Bistro is a romantic restaurant perfect for date night.
  6. Nothing tastes better than a perfectly ripe watermelon.
  7. I was a typical rebellious teenager when I was your age.
  8. I'm too old to keep up with a rambunctious toddler.
  9. I love this roomy boyfriend-cut shirt.
  10. The new tenants have thrown a few rowdy parties since they moved in.

Song Fun With R-Adjectives

Gene Autry's super hit, the timeless Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, has pervaded the Christmas season so thoroughly that little children who have never seen a real reindeer think that their noses are indeed red. That is one active little "r" adjective!

Why would you want to say goodbye to Ruby Tuesday? The Rolling Stones' hugely successful song rests on an "r" adjective. Their name does, too, taken from another song: Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone.

Songs do well with the letter "r." Songs like Red, Red Wine, Raspberry Beret, Rainy Day Woman, and countless others all have used "r" words with great results. Can you think of any more?

Rouse Your Rebellious Side

And so the list goes on and on. Indeed, "r" is one of the cool kids in the alphabet soup. However, the intent here is to help you build out your own robust list of common adjectives to take you through all your essay-writing, journaling and future manuscript submissions. Are you ready to move on to another popular letter? How about some adjectives that start with s? The more letters you explore, the more descriptive adjectives you will learn and be able to use.