Positive Words That Start With R

Updated July 20, 2021
Positive R words examples
    Positive R words examples
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Ready to take a radiant walk on the right side of life? Then let’s talk about connotation. Have you considered how all words convey positive or negative connotations? Knowing this, it’s important to incorporate positive words into every area of your life. As you scroll through this list of positive words that start with R, see how many you can commit to memory for use in future communications.

Relatively Short Positive R-Words

From raise to rugged, this list of words that each start with R features options that have seven or fewer letters. It's a robust list, complete with definitions and several synonyms for each word.




raise (v.)

to move or lift something upward

elevate, heighten, hoist

rally (v.)

to come together for a common purpose

unite, assemble, gather

ramp-up (v.)

to increase suddenly

boost, advance, heighten

rapid (adj.)

something that is fast or quick

abrupt, brisk, cursory

rapport (n.)an understanding or positive relationship between peopleaccord, affinity, unity

rapt (adj.)

being fascinated and paying careful attention to something

absorbed, captivated, spellbound

rapture (n.)

being carried away by extreme happiness, love, or pleasure

delight, joy, felicity

rare (adj.)

something that exists in limited quantity

sparse, few, precious

ratify (v.)

to give formal consent to something

affirm, authorize, validate

reach (v.)

arriving at a destination

enter, appear, turn up

readily (adv.)

without hesitation; willingly

freely, immediately, promptly

real (adj.)

something that is true and authentic

actual, bona fide, viable

reap (v.)

to cut, gather, or harvest

collect, glean, harvest

record (n.)

something on which sound or images have been preserved

archive, document, transcription

rectify (v.)

to make something right

amend, correct, remedy

refresh (v.)

to make like new; give new life

energize, enliven, revitalize

regal (adj.)

fit for royalty

grand, imperial, stately

regale (v.)

to amuse someone through a story

delight, entertain, please

rejoice (v.)

to take great pleasure in something

celebrate, delight, jubilate

remedy (n.)

a way of correcting or healing something

cure, therapy, an antidote

renew (v.)

to make new or start over

restore, refresh, regenerate

replete (adj.)

full, well-stocked

abundant, brimming, complete

repose (v.)

to lie at rest

quiescence, relaxation, respite

robust (adj.)

a strong and healthy person or animal

brawny, energetic, virile

rosy (adj.)

bright and cheerful; optimistic

florid, hopeful, sunny

royal (adj.)

relating to a kingdom or monarchy

basilic, dignified, sovereign

rugged (adj.)

durable and sturdy

robust, austere, tough


Lengthier Commonly Used Positive R-Words

From radiance to rollicking, enjoy this ravishing list of positive R-words, along with their corresponding definitions and synonyms. You'll razzle-dazzle everyone you meet when you replenish your vocabulary with the following terms, all of which have at least eight letters.


radiance (n.)

the quality or state of being bright

brightness, brilliance, luminescence

rambunctious (adj.)

disorderly, loud and wild

boisterous, raucous, rowdy

rational (adj.)

something that makes logical sense

cognitive, intellectual, tenable

ravishing (adj.)

someone extremely beautiful

sensational, stunning, gorgeous

razzle-dazzle (n.)

a flashy display intended to confuse, bewilder, or deceive

flash, splash, show

reasonable (adj.)

someone or something that is logical

feasible, legitimate, wise

reassure (v.)

to give someone confidence

cheer, comfort, uplift

receptive (adj.)

someone who is open and willing to receive something

amenable, interested, sympathetic

recognition (n.)

to formally acknowledge someone

acknowledgment, esteem, honor

recommendation (n.)

something advised or suggested

advice, direction, instruction

reconcile (v.)

to make two people friendly with one another again

assuage, pacify, mitigate

recuperate (v.)

to improve in health

heal, mend, recover

reflective (adj.)

someone who is deep in thought

meditative, pensive, ruminative

refurbish (v.)

to spruce up and repair

brighten, clean, update

rejuvenate (v.)

to make new again

recondition, refresh, reinvigorate

relaxation (n.)

refreshment for the body and mind

rest, repose, lull

rejuvenate (v.)

to make new again

recondition, refresh, reinvigorate

relaxation (n.)

refreshment for the body and mind

rest, repose, lull

replenish (v.)

to make full or complete again

freshen, refill, restore

resilient (adj.)

someone or something that recovers quickly

buoyant, elastic, flexible

resourceful (adj.)

the ability to make do with what is available to create a solution

apt, capable, clever

righteous (adj.)

someone or something in accordance with high moral standards

blameless, conscientious, virtuous,

rollicking (adj.)

carefree and high-spirited

boisterous, cheerful, merry


Great Opportunities for Positive R-Words

R is for romance! Positive words have a place in both our personal and professional lives, so there is room for these terms in all kinds of communication.

  • Discover how to write a personal letter, a task that will allow you to put these R-words to work. If you have a radiant recipient in mind, then consider using thislist of romantic words in your letter. You’ll notice you can realistically slip in words like a ravishing heart or a rapturous mind.
  • Many of the above words would also do well in your resume or cover letter. Phrases like “reinforce workplace standards to employees” or “recognition for top sales two years running” certainly carry positive, productive connotations.

10 Example Sentences With Positive R-Words

Get a sense of how these positive words that start with R can be used in everyday sentences. Explore ten of the above R-words worked into sentences.

  1. Her personality is full of radiance and light.
  2. The children were way too rambunctious today.
  3. He’s building a healthy rapport with two of his new coworkers.
  4. She’s the most rational person out of all of us.
  5. She looked absolutely ravishing in that long, flowy, red dress.
  6. It is my recommendation that you consider hiring Lisa for this job.
  7. My cousin makes and refurbishes furniture for a living.
  8. Reading by the fire is my favorite form of relaxation.
  9. Spending a day at the spa always manages to rejuvenate my soul.
  10. Her rollicking disposition is deeply refreshing.

A Robust Romance With Words

A romance with words can begin today. The more you read, the more you’ll replenish your mind with words of wonder. But, it doesn’t hurt to scan some interesting word lists from time to time. Go beyond positive words that start with R to explore other terms that start with this letter.

While positivity is paramount, so is a general understanding of the various parts of speech. Why not continue the ride down this rosy highway with a list of adjectives that start with R? Then, how about a little reinforcement with verbs that start with R? Or, reach for the skies with this extensive list of words that start with R on WordFinder by YourDictionary. As you explore, may your romance with the English language continue to blossom!