Sentence Examples

  • The tour which is scheduled from August 14-21 and promises a good time for all with a large selection of activities, delicious cuisine, luxurious amenities to pamper yourself, and a Christian atmosphere to refresh a nourish yourself.
  • A final benefit of online dance steps is being able to videotape your own rehearsals and upload them to a private website or server to review when you need to refresh your memory before you head back to the studio.
  • While videos and literature are helpful tools for preparing for childbirth, many first time parents and women with older children take classes to learn or refresh their knowledge on childbirth.
  • Modern Bride, Brides, and Elegant Bride magazines are good ones for starters, so look for dress designs that you find appealing and take the pictures with you when you go shopping to refresh your memory on the styles and details you love.
  • After a workout, passengers can refresh themselves with any number of spa treatments, including massages, facials, manicures, and other standard options available throughout the cruise industry.