Refresh Definition

refreshed, refreshes
refreshed, refreshes
To reinvigorate someone.
Webster's New World
To make (another or oneself) feel cooler, stronger, more energetic, etc. than before, as by food, drink, or sleep.
Webster's New World
To make fresh by cooling, wetting, etc.
Rains refreshing parched plants.
Webster's New World
To renew by stimulation.
Refresh one's memory; refreshed my French with an online course.
American Heritage
To be regenerated or have a regenerated display.
A PC screen that automatically refreshes 60 times per second.
Webster's New World

The periodic energizing required to maintain the contents of computer memory, the display luminance of a computer screen, etc.

(computing) The update of a display (in a web browser or similar software) to show the latest version of the data.

Origin of Refresh

  • Middle English refresshen from Old French refreschir re- re- fres, fresche fresh (of Germanic origin)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Old French refrescher (French: rafraîchir)

    From Wiktionary

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