20 Funny Haiku Poems: Examples for All Ages

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Updated October 1, 2020
funny haiku poem for road trip with kids
    funny haiku poem for road trip with kids
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Writing a haiku might be serious business, but funny haiku poems are among the most entertaining poetry you can write. Because the haiku format is so concise, it encourages the writer to get right to the point. If that point is humor, it’s a guaranteed laugh. Whether you’re five or 105, these hilarious examples written by Kate Miller-Wilson will make you smile.

Good Morning Haiku From the Cat

In the morning light,

You sleep despite my meow.

I stand on your face.

Haiku for Babies

You’re so cute, but why

Should I write a haiku for you?

You can’t even read.

Road Trip Haiku With Kids

Music on, windows down,

We’re not even late yet, but...

Someone has to pee.

Funny Haiku About Cheese

I love you so much,

But your love of cheese is wrong.

The smell makes me gag.


Haiku About Writing a Haiku

To end this poem,

I need one more magic line:


T-Rex Hug Haiku

The T-Rex likes you,

But he can’t give you a hug.

His arms are too short.

Yoga Haiku

I’d go to yoga,

But they don’t serve donuts there.

Namaste right here.

Funny Haiku About Getting Up

I love my pillow.

My alarm clock is beeping.

No, no, no, no, no.

Haiku for Bacon

That’s too much bacon.

Please just bring me some kale chips.

Said no one ever.

Haiku for Room Cleaning Motivation

I hid a twenty

In your messy room somewhere.

Just clean to find it.

Birthday Haiku

For your birthday, friend,

I wrote this haiku for you.

Worst present ever.

Haiku About Texting With Mom

Texting with my mom.

I don’t think that emoji means

What she thinks it does.


Haiku About Life’s Mysteries

I can’t help thinking:

Why is “abbreviation”

A very long word?

Haiku for Monday

Traffic is insane.

Can I just go back to bed?

It must be Monday.

Instagram Filter Haiku

Wouldn’t it be great

To have Instagram filters

To use in real life?

Sad Coffee Haiku

It’s Monday morning;

The coffee maker is dead:

Double depresso.

Haiku to Alexa and Siri

I know one of you

Is always listening, but

You’re so convenient.

Sniff Check Haiku

Forgot to wash clothes

But there’s no time for laundry.

Which t-shirt smells worse?

Haiku for Sweet Corn

The joy of sweet corn,

Taste of summer and butter.

I forgot to floss.

Thesaurus Haiku

I keep wondering:

Why is there only one word

That means “thesaurus.”

Rules for Funny Haikus

While you read these funny poems, take a moment to refresh your memory about the rules for haikus. The form of this poem is important. Remember, there are five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the third. Because these poems are so short, they offer plenty of room for humor.


Laugh and Be Inspired

Haiku examples are a great way to get inspired if you want to write your own poem. Funny haikus will make you laugh while you’re learning about this type of poetry, and they are also a great way to entertain younger learners and teach kids to write their own haiku.