Sentence Examples

  • The inventor of these treats, Joe Roetheli, actually developed them because his own dog was so resistant to regular tooth brushing, and he felt he could devise a better way to clean and freshen his pet's mouth.
  • Although you may want to freshen your skin before you start your day, it's actually best to exfoliate at night and give your skin a chance to replenish itself while you sleep.
  • If you plan to hit the beach for your special wedding day, book an appointment with your hairdresser for a few chunky blonde hair highlights that will freshen up your look while keeping the style relaxed.
  • Just when you thought a manicure was limited to traditional nail designs such as flowers or ladybugs, a new trend such as a horseshoe comes along to freshen up the nail trend world.
  • Whether you found an old Coach purse at a garage sale or you just want to freshen up one of your own older purses, refurbishing Coach handbags requires care and know how.