Sentence Examples

  • The basis for the party is the use the TM-based principles to find solutions for the improvement of the constituents' health, to fight crime, to cleanse the environmental, and to improve the economic condition of the country.
  • The object of the observances was to cleanse the sanctuary, the priesthood and the people from all their sins, and to renew and maintain favourable relations between Yahweh and Israel.
  • The first legs, meaning thereby the sixth pair of appendages, are generally pediform and locomotive, but sometimes unjointed, acting as a kind of brushes to cleanse the furca, while in the Polycopidae they are entirely wanting.
  • It is he, therefore, who is called upon to cleanse the sick and suffering from disease, which, superinduced by the demons, was looked upon as a species of impurity affecting the body.
  • Further, he is able to purify the guilty and to cleanse from sin (here some refer the epithet iarpOyavres, in the sense of "physician of the soul").