Foods That Start With J

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Updated May 27, 2021
foods that start with j jalapeno poppers
    foods that start with j jalapeno poppers
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While it might take a bit of thought to come up with more than a few foods that start with “j,” there are actually a number of tasty selections. Discover some new options and rediscover some old favorites.

Main Dishes and Sides That Begin With J

From everyday staples to regional or international favorites, there are quite a few interesting dishes that start with “j.”

  • jaegerschnitzel - thin pork cutlets drenched in a rich mushroom sauce; German dish
  • jalapeño poppers - breaded and fried jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese (cream, cheddar or a combination of the two); sometimes also stuffed with bacon bits or crabmeat
  • jambalaya - Creole rice dish featuring rice cooked with tomatoes and spices with one or more proteins stirred in; options include shrimp, crawfish tails, chicken, ham, or smoked sausage
  • jambon au madere - French preparation of ham cooked with Madeira wine
  • jet star tomatoes - red slicing tomatoes; typically produce half-pound fruit
  • Jewish rye bread - bread that includes rye flour and (usually) caraway seeds
  • Johnny cakes - cross between pancakes and cornbread, resulting in a flat cornbread; popular in New England
  • jojo potatoes - seasoned, deep fried potato wedges
  • jota - old world Italian soup featuring white beans, potatoes and sauerkraut
  • julienne carrots - boost the presentation and flavor profile of your next meal by adding a few raw or cooked julienne carrots to your plate
  • Juliet (Roma grape) tomatoes - small red grape tomatoes with a lovely, sweet flavor; perfect for salads or shish kabobs

Condiments and Spices That Begin With J

No matter what you’re eating, chances are you can make it even better with a dollop or dash of a condiment or spice that starts with “j.”

  • jalapeño powder - dehydrated jalapeño peppers ground to a powder are a must-have staple for those who love spicy food; sprinkle on anything to give it a little kick
  • jalapeño relish - chopped jalapeño peppers pickled in vinegar with spices; great to stir into potato salad or add to the top of a hot dog
  • jam - chunky sweet fruit condiment made from whole berries or chunks of fruit and sugar; often served on buttered toast or nut butter sandwiches
  • jelly - smooth sweet fruit condiment made from juice and sugar; commonly served on buttered toast or nut butter sandwiches
  • jerk seasoning/rub - spice mixture that adds a bit of Jamaican flair to your favorite meat; typically includes allspice, thyme, hot chiles, citrus, and other spices
  • jocoque - fermented milk; used in many traditional Mexican sauces, dips and other dishes
foods that start with j jam
    food that start with j jam
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Fruits and Vegetables That Start With J

When you’re planning your next garden, be sure to save some space for a few fruits and vegetables that begin the letter “j.”

  • jackfruit - trendy tree fruit native to India and Brazil; popular meat substitute in the vegan diet
  • jalapeño pepper - hot green peppers known for their spicy flavor; popular nacho topping
  • Jamaican hot pepper - extremely hot red peppers; super-spicy and flavorful (eat with caution)
  • Japanese plum - tiny plums; also referred to as loquats
  • jelly mushroom - wild edible fungi; also referred to as jelly ear or wood ear mushrooms
  • Jerusalem artichoke - edible tuber that people cook and eat like a potato, though its known to cause gas; perennial plant popular among permaculture gardeners
  • jicama - root vegetables that grows in Mexico; the peeled root can be cooked or eaten raw
  • jujube fruit - red dates; native to China
  • juneberry - flavorful berry that grows in Canada and the northern parts of the United States
foods that start with j jicama
    foods that start with j jicama
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Sweet Treats That Begin With J

Every food list needs to include a selection of sweets. Fortunately, there are quite a few options that start with “j.”

  • Jaffa Cakes - British snack of sponge cake base covered with orange jelly and topped with chocolate
  • jam tart - miniature pie crust or phyllo shell stuffed with jam
  • jawbreaker - round, super-sweet hard candy
  • Jell-O - commercial brand of sweetened gelatin dessert; comes in a variety of flavors
  • Jell-O mold - Jello brand dessert with other items mixed in (such as fruit chunks or marshmallows) set in a decorative pan or mold to be sliced for serving
  • Jell-O yogurt pie - pie that combines Jell-O with yogurt and fruit in a graham cracker crust
  • jelly beans - bite-sized chewy candy that comes in a variety of flavors; popular item for kids’ Easter baskets
  • jelly doughnut - doughnut filled with fruit-flavored jelly
  • jelly layer cake - basic cake recipe prepared in two layers, with jelly spread between each layer
  • jelly roll - thin sponge cake covered with a jelly filling, then rolled into a spiral before being sliced for serving
  • jordan almonds - individual almonds covered with a crunchy candy coating
  • jumbles - another word for sugar cookies; also sometimes used to describe spicy butter cookies shaped into knots
foods that start with J jelly roll
    foods that start with J jelly roll
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Drinks That Start With J

Looking for some liquid refreshment? Some of the post popular options begin with “j.” Keep in mind that some of these options are for those over the age of 21!

  • jasmine tea - refreshing hot tea that includes the flavor and aroma of jasmine flowers
  • java - nickname for coffee
  • Jell-O shots - semi-frozen alcoholic drinks that combine Jell-O and vodka
  • juice - liquid from various fruits or vegetables
  • julep - alcoholic drink featuring bourbon, sugar, water and a sprig of mint; commonly referred to as a mint julep
foods that start with J julep
    foods that start with J julep
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Try Something New

Exploring food words lists is a great way to try something new. Now that you have discovered all of these great culinary selections that begin with “j,” go ahead and move through the alphabet to discover even more interesting dishes. Move on to the next letter in the alphabet by exploring foods that start with “k.” You might also want to explore more difficult letters with foods that start with "I." Or, put on your language arts learning hat and explore other words that start with "j" beyond just food names. Whatever path you take, your vocabulary will be stronger for it.