Foods That Start With K

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Updated May 27, 2021
foods that start with K kabob
    food that start with K kabob
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You might be surprised to find out that there are quite a few foods that start with “k.” From everyday favorites to exotic selections from around the world, there is no shortage of dining delights that begin with this letter of the alphabet.

Main Courses and Side Dishes That Start With K

You may not even realize how many components of your daily lunches and dinners begin with a “k.”

  • kabob - skewer with marinated meat and/or vegetables; typically cooked in the oven or on a grill
  • Kansas City style barbecue - slow cooked meats slathered in a rich, thick tomato-based barbecue sauce that is both tangy and sweet
  • kasha - toasted buckwheat typically eaten as a porridge or cereal
  • ketchup - popular tomato-based sauce used to dip french fries or as a condiment on hamburgers or hot dogs
  • kettle corn - popcorn seasoned with both salt and sugar
  • kidney beans - light or dark red kidney-shaped beans; often added to chili
  • king crab legs - seafood delicacy
  • kingfish - saltwater game fish highly sought after by anglers and seafood enthusiasts
  • kipper - smoked herring
  • knish - dough roll stuffed with mashed potatoes, ground meat, vegetables, and cheese
  • kohlrabi and carrots - cooked chunks of kohlrabi and carrots prepared together and mashed slightly; great side dish for meat entrees
  • kohlrabi slaw - tasty salad made with shredded kohlrabi and radishes instead of cabbage; marinated in dressing prior to serving
  • kosher dill pickles - cucumbers preserved in a salt brine; flavored with dill and garlic

Fruits and Vegetables That Begin With K

Plenty of produce items begin with the letter “k.” These items can be used to make any number of recipes.

  • kabocha squash - winter squash with green exterior; edible portion is orange; prepare like butternut or acorn squash
  • kabosu - lime-like citrus fruit that grows in Japan
  • kaki - type of persimmon that grows in China
  • kalamansi - small citrus fruit; flavor resembles a combination of kumquat and tangerine
  • kale - leafy green enjoyed raw in salads or cooked; grows year-round in most climates
  • kamote - sweet yam; grows in the Philippines
  • ketembilla - type of gooseberry that grows in Sri Lanka and parts of India
  • key lime - small limes that are very acidic; turn yellow when ripe
  • kiwano - small melon also called a jelly melon or horned melon
  • kiwi - small oval fruit with green flesh and black seeds; sweet, tart and tasty
  • kohlrabi - vegetable in the brassica family with edible leaves and an edible bulb that grows above ground
  • kumera - sweet potato variety that grows in Australia
  • kumquat - tiny orange citrus fruit; sweet flavor with no bitter pith like is found in oranges
  • kurrat - Egyptian leeks; grown for their leaves
foods that start with K kohlrabi
    foods that start with K kohlrabi
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International Dishes That Start With K

Many tasty international dishes begin with the letter “k.” Some are fairly common while others require the use of some unique descriptive words for food to explain.

  • kachumber - Indian salad featuring chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and onions tossed with a lemony dressing
  • kai yaang - spiced roasted whole chicken; originates from Laotian and Thai cuisine
  • kakanin - light Filipino snack cake using rice flour as the primary ingredient
  • kalamay - sticky and sweet Filipino dessert; made with brown sugar, rice and coconut milk
  • kalkag - tiny salted dried shrimp; often used in Filipino stir fry dishes
  • kangaroo meat - considered a delicacy in many countries; exported from Australia; banned in the United States
  • kare kare - Fllipino stew with a peanut sauce base; usually made with oxtail or pork hocks
  • karelian hot pot - meat stew featuring a combination of meats, such as pork, beef and lamb; traditional dish in Finland
  • kedgeree - traditional British breakfast dish that combines haddock with eggs and rice
  • kesong puti - soft, uncured white cheese eaten in the Philippines; flavor and texture resembles cottage cheese
  • kimchi jjigae - Korean soup made with kimchi
  • kimchi - spicy cabbage fermented with vegetables; popular side dish and condiment in Korean cuisine
  • kinilaw - raw seafood (fish or shrimp) marinated in a vinegar and citrus brine; Filipino version of ceviche
  • kisir - Turkish salad featuring spiced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, nuts, and bulgur wheat
  • knockwurst - plump sausage of German origin; prepared in a casing
  • kung pao chicken - spicy Chinese chicken, vegetable and peanut dish; seasoned with hoisin sauce and chile peppers
foods that start with K kung pao chicken
    foods that start with K kung pao chicken
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Desserts That Begin With K

No food list would be complete without a list that focuses on sweet treats.

  • Kentucky jam cake - from-scratch cake with jam (usually blackberry) mixed into the batter
  • key lime pie - rich, creamy pie made with key lime juice; prepared in a graham cracker crust
  • king cake - yeast cake eaten during Mardi Gras; decorated with purple, green and gold icing
  • kipfel - Hungarian pastry; fashioned in the shape of a horn and filled with fruit preserves and nuts
  • Kit Kat - candy bar produced by Nestle; chocolate covered wafers
  • kiwi sorbet - flavorful frozen dessert flavored with kiwi fruit
  • Klondike bar - commercial brand of ice cream bar; vanilla ice cream covered with a chocolate coating
  • kouign-amann - decadent French pastry made with baked layers of dough and sugar
foods that start with K kiwi sorbet
    foods that start with K kiwi sorbet
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