Sentence Examples

  • The president of Nicaragua adhered to this treaty, but the National Congress refused to ratify it.
  • It was awarded to Mithradates, but the senate refused to ratify the bargain on the ground of bribery.
  • As the Federalists were all opposed to the Ausgleich, it was clear that a Reichsrath chosen in these circumstances would refuse to ratify it, and this was probably Belcredi's intention.
  • If, on attaining his majority, the king refused to ratify these promises, his subjects were ipso facto absolved from their obedience.
  • Not to ratify his election, and even meditated going into hiding; but, "while he was preparing for flight and concealment, he was seized and carried off and dragged to the basilica of St Peter," and there consecrated bishop, on the 3rd of September 590.