Disagree Definition

disagreed, disagreeing, disagrees
disagreed, disagreeing, disagrees
To have a differing opinion.
She disagrees with him on everything. They say it will rain, but I disagree.
American Heritage
To differ in opinion; often, specif., to quarrel or dispute.
Webster's New World
To fail to agree; be different; differ.
Webster's New World
To be harmful or give distress or discomfort, specif. physical discomfort.
A damp climate disagrees with me.
Webster's New World
To cause adverse effects.
Caffeine disagrees with me.
American Heritage

Origin of Disagree

  • Middle English disagreen from Old French desagreer des- dis- agreer to agree agree

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle English, from Anglo-Norman desagreer, as if dis- +‎ agree.

    From Wiktionary

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