Sentence Examples

  • The surface of the summit (the highest point is variously stated at 3549, 35 82 and 3850 ft.) is broken into small valleys and hills, and is covered with luxuriant vegetation, its flora including the superb orchid Disa grandiflora and the well-known silver tree.
  • Also some genera mainly represented in South and tropical Africa, such as Satyrium, Disa and others.
  • The bottom of the border as well as that Cymbidium Cypripedium Cyrtopodium Dendrobium Diacrium Disa Epidendrum Eulophia Eulophiella Galeandra Gongora Grammatophyllum Habenaria Houlletia lonopsis Ipsea Laelia Laelio-Cattleya* Leptotes Lissochilus Lycaste Masdevallia Miltonia Mormodes Odontoglossum Odontioda* Oncidium Peristeria Pescatorea Phaj us Phaio - calanthe* Phalaenopsis Pilumna Platyclinis Pleione Pleurothallis Polystachya Promenaea Renanthera Restrepia Rodriguezia S accolabium Schomburgkia Scuticaria Sobralia Sophro-cattleya* Sophronitis Spathoglottis Stanhopea Thunia Trichopilia Trichosma Vanda Zygo - colax* of the drain must be kept lower than the general level of the subsoil, else the soakage will gather in all the little depressions of its surface.
  • Before this disaster he had been professor of jurisprudence in Upsala, where his first historical comedy Disa was performed in 1611 and the tragedy of Signill in 1612.