Sentence Examples

  • While of course there are those who are disappointed in the outcome of the awards ceremony, others rejoice to discover they are winners of the distinguished award.
  • If you're buying your child an Oilily backpack for the summer or for the next school term you can rejoice in the fact that it is highly unlikely that your daughter's fellow classmates will be touting around the same backpack.
  • While styling time may be increased if you're battling natural curl or frizz, straight haired ladies can rejoice at the little effort required in a long and layered thick hair cut.
  • Indie kids rejoice - one of the most influential albums by one of the most influential bands of the early 90s has been remastered, and if possible, is sounding better than ever.
  • The debut album from this London band is getting the music press all in a tizzy with its hints of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive (yes - Shoegazers everywhere rejoice!).