Positive Words That Start With H

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Updated July 12, 2021
Positive Word H examples
    Positive H words examples
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Sometimes, it can be hard to find the right positive or polite words you’re looking for. If you need words that begin with H to fill your heartfelt emails or hysterical letters, or to keep your word game humble, you’ve come to the right place. Get a list of nice words that begin with H that will make you happy!

Words Beginning With H That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

From halo to hunk, we have a list of good words with five letters or fewer that begin with H to get you started.




halo (n.)

a bright ring of light

aurora, crown of light

hale (adj.)


strong, fit, hearty

happy (adj.)

feeling of pleasure or joy

cheerful, gay, joyous

help (v.)

giving aid to someone

assist, aid, support

heart (n.)

center of something; the muscular organ that pumps blood

soul, core, courage

high (adj.)

extended up; above others

towering, great, uplifted

holy (adj.)

dedicated to God; sacred

sacred, divine, blessed

honey (adj.)

sweet, sticky substance

syrup, nectar

honor (n.)

high rank or respect

reverence, esteem, high reward

hope (n.)

feeling or wish that something will happen

faith, expectation

hot (adj.)

something that is warm in temperature

scorching, burning, heated

hug (n.)

two people embracing

embrace, caress, squeeze

hunk (n.)

attractive man; large piece of something

chunk, lump, morsel, portion


Words Beginning With H That Have 6 or More Letters

Looking to add a bit of bulk to your letter? We’ve got you covered there with H words from hallelujah to hysterical.




hallelujah (int.)

expression of praise and rejoicing

praise, rejoice, praise-the-Lord

hallowed (adj.)

holy or sacred, like sacred ground

sacred, divine, consecrated

happily (adv.)

in a happy or cheerful manner

joyously, cheerily, contentedly

happy-go-lucky (adj.)

easygoing or carefree

cheerful, easygoing, unconcerned

hard-working (adj.)

works hard or is diligent in labor

diligent, persevering, purposeful

harmonious (adj.)

working together well, conforming ideas or interests; musical tones that work together

melodious, in unison, symphonic

harmony (n.)

working in agreement; pleasing musical notes

agreement, tunefulness, harmonization

head-over-heels (adv.)

tumbling; smitten

smitten, intensely, far-gone

hottie (n.)

attractive person

hunk, cutie

healing (n.)

regeneration of cells; dealing with psychological problems

remedy, mend, cure

healthy (adj.)

being in good health

vigorous, sound, robust, athletic, fit

heartening (adj.)

cheerful; encouraging

hopeful, promising, cheering

heartfelt (adj.)

something felt deeply or sincerely

sincere, honest, genuine

heartily (adv.)

cordial manner; zest; completely

earnestly, thoroughly, enthusiastically

heartthrob (n.)

beat of heart; person you are infatuated with

sweetheart, beauty, flame

heartwarming (adj.)

invoking warm, happy feelings

touching, moving, heartening, stirring

heaven (n.)

place outside of earth; where God resides

paradise, nirvana, promised land

heroism (n.)

act of bravery or selflessness

courage, valor, bravery

hilarious (adj.)

word, phrase, or action that is very funny

amusing, entertaining, hysterical

hilarity (n.)

state of merriment

laughter, mirth, amusement

hipster (n.)

young, independent thinker; hip person; a beatnik

freethinker, beatnik, free spirit

honest (adj.)

genuinely truthful or trustworthy

sincere, frank, candid

honorable (adj.)

having high morals or being respected

moral, ethical, righteous

hooray (int.)

shout or exclamation of approval or elation

amen, whoopee, hurrah

hopeful (adj.)

feeling positive or optimistic about an outcome

optimistic, positive, confident

hospitable (adj.)

welcoming or friendly

friendly, welcoming, congenial, sociable

humble (adj.)

showing an understanding of your flaws

respectful, meek, deferential

huggable (adj.)

capable or suitable to be hugged or squeezed

loveable, cuddlesome, snuggly

humane (adj.)

having good human qualities like kindness and compassion

considerate, compassionate, kind, benevolent

human (adj.)

belonging to mankind

mortal, person, human being

humanity (n.)

qualities of being human; human qualities

humankind, mankind, man

humanly (adv.)

within the scope of human capabilities or means

culturally, philosophically

humility (n.)

absence of excessive pride or vanity

meekness, modesty, humbleness

humorous (adj.)

comical or funny

amusing, funny, comical, entertaining

hyperactive (adj.)

high levels of activity

excitable, overactive, high strung

hypnotic (adj.)

inducing sleep; holding attention

soothing, mesmerizing, soporific

hysterical (adj.)

in a state of uncontrolled emotions; very funny

emotional, comedic, hilarious


Example Sentences Using Positive H-Words

Positive H words can really make you happy. They can even be hysterical. Now that you’ve seen 50 different positive words that begin with H, you can look at how they are used in a sentence.

  1. She was so angelic-looking, I think she even had a halo.
  2. Your husband is very hardworking.
  3. The boys happily played with their toys.
  4. The heartthrob’s eyes were hypnotic.
  5. For his heroism, he had the honor of getting a purple heart.
  6. The two-year-old boy was so hyperactive.
  7. They were happy to be helping each other.
  8. She thought that the boy was a hunk!
  9. The pastor sprinkled the child with holy water.
  10. All we had was hope.

Making Your Heart Happy

You can have a lot of fun with H words. They are great for your humorous letters. You might use them to show your humility or how humble you are. This list is just the beginning. Say hello to even more words that start with H using the word list tool on WordFinder by YourDictionary. Now that you’ve had fun with positive H words, why not give positive words that start with O a perusal. You never know what you might observe.