Sentence Examples

  • The second is that Shakespeare captures entirely different moods from hilarious good humor to deep depression and remorse closely adjacent to one another.
  • There's something completely hilarious but also slightly disturbing about seeing dozens upon dozens of crab legs shaking about in the air.The scale at which the game progresses is an amazing thing to behold.
  • Frank'n Styne is a hilarious take on the Frankenstein story as the great grandson of the original comes to Castle Styne as heir to the mysteries of his predecessors, but it's the score that really steals the show!
  • Many other cheerleaders will freely share their cheers online, and it's great to read how they come up with their ideas and the clever (and hilarious) new cheers, chants, and routines they manage.
  • Although the first things that come to mind are probably the innovative animation and hilarious sight gags offered by the classic Warner Bros. series, the soundscape that the artists created was just as legendary and just as fantastic!