Sentence Examples

  • Runtime: 125 minutes Diving once again into the bat world, Joel Schumacher gives audiences a comical view of the Caped Crusader, slipping an additional hero into the mix as well as two new villains to face.
  • It is only when Rory begins to define herself independently that she and her mother clash, but their love and support of each other is felt in every comical, tragic and familial moment on the show.
  • Though you'll be sacrificing the ethereal qualities of Copenhagen's and Chasing Fireflies' designs, you will increase the fun factor with Rare Editions comical appliqués, prints and billowing skirts.
  • It's best to stick to comical ones in the beginning of a relationship and then start sending sensuous and sentimental ones once you have become intimate and exchanged the words, '"I Love You."
  • This interaction can sometimes become comical as the bride boasts about her great taste when in fact it is obvious to David and viewers that the bride's vision has spiraled out of control.