37 Adjectives That Start With “Z”

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Updated July 27, 2022
List of Four Adjectives That Start with Z
    Adjectives That Start with Z
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It’s the last letter of the alphabet, but don’t take “Z” for granted. It’ll give you some surprising adjectives, which are words that help to describe all the people, places, and objects around you. “Z” arms you with the perfect words to describe zesty pizzas, zingy sandwiches, and zealous friends. With all the adjectives that start with “Z,” you’ll have zero problems describing the world around you.

Positive Adjectives That Start With “Z”

Keeping a positive attitude can help you improve your outlook on life, and building a positive vocabulary is a big part of that. Positive adjectives that start with “Z” can lend a hand, helping you describe your zestful family members and zooty friends.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
zaftig having a full, shapely figure curvaceous, curvy, buxom
zany comical in an extravagantly ludicrous or slapstick manner quirky, eccentric, comical
zappy moving at a fast pace with high energy energetic, lively, animated
zealful characterized by passionate enthusiasm zealous, dedicated, impassioned
zealous ardently devoted or diligent enthusiastic, passionate, fanatical
zephyrous similar or related to a gentle, mild breeze; related to anything of fine, light quality breezy, windy, ephemeral
zestful filled with enthusiasm; having high spirits exuberant, eager, ebullient
zesty full of zest, energetic, active; spicy in flavor frisky, tangy, piquant
zen very relaxed and calming; high level of awareness peaceful, enlightened, relaxed
zingy pleasantly stimulating to the senses flavorful, spicy, lively
zippy full of vim and energy; brisk peppy, energetic, sprightly
zooty extremely flamboyant style snazzy, over-the-top, stylish

Negative Adjectives Starting With “Z”

While being too negative is never a great idea, some things (and a few people) just require negative descriptors. Negative “Z” adjectives give you space to describe your zombielike moods on Mondays or your zonked dog after a particularly rigorous walk.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
zero absence of or present in a quantity so small as to be unmeasurable nil, absent, blank
zombielike resembling or characteristic of a zombie moribund, lifeless, enervated
zonked completely tired; lacking energy to do anything else exhausted, sleepy, drained
zoolike resembling or characteristic of a zoo chaotic, boisterous, hectic

Neutral Adjectives Starting With “Z”

Most things don’t exist on a positive-negative spectrum. Things just exist, but you still need the right words to describe them. Thankfully, “Z” adjectives offer a plentitude of oddly specific descriptors for a zigzag sweater pattern, a zeitgeisty novel, and a zoophagous bear.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
zeitgeisty characteristic of the mood or spirit of a specific period in history contemporary
zenithal characterized by or related to the highest point or culmination maximal, paramount, tiptop
zeroth prior to the first thing in a series antecedent
zibeline of or having to do with a sable (the animal) sable, sable-like
zigzag having a series of short, sharp angles or turns in alternate directions twisty, crooked
zillionth referring to something that's happened a countless number of times uncountable, enormous
zinciferous yielding, producing, or containing zinc ferrous (in relation to zinc)
zodiacal of or related to the zodiac system astrological
zoetic of or pertaining to life organic, biological, alive
zoic of or pertaining to animals or animal life animal
zonal area that’s separated into different zones divisions, segmented
zoning dividing areas into zones (voting districts; land usage restrictions) districting, outlining
zoogenic caused by or starting in animals, as a disease zoogenous, zoonotic
zoological of, pertaining to, or concerned with animals fauna, animal, wild
zoomy characteristic of something that looks like it would go fast speedy, sleek, streamlined
zoophagous animal that feeds on other animals; carnivorous flesh-eating, meat-eating, predatory
zygal shaped like a yoke or the letter H H-shaped
zygomatic anatomical term referring to the zygoma area of the face; zygomatic bone, zygomatic arch cheekbone, malar bone
zygomorphic botanical term referring to a single level of symmetry; plants that have identical halves bilateral symmetry, mirror image
zymoid biochemistry term related to fermenting; characteristics similar to enzyme catalyst, accelerator
zymolytic causing fermentation or related to fermentation zymotic, zymolytic

Example Sentences Using Adjectives That Start With “Z”

With a zen understanding of all the ways that “Z” adjectives can expand your vocabulary, it’s a good idea to look at how you can use them in sentences.

  1. His zany antics were becoming less comical as everyone matured.
  2. The band’s zealous fans frequently sent them letters and baskets of fruit.
  3. Even though the toppings were fairly bland, the zesty sauce really improved the pizza’s flavor.
  4. She had zero hesitation about quitting her awful job for a position that paid more.
  5. The long hike left us zonked for the rest of the day.
  6. Due to some unfortunate zoning violations, she was unable to put her dragon statue in front of her home.
  7. The zigzag pattern of his shirt had the distracting effect of making him look like a cartoon cat.
  8. An hour of yoga, a good breakfast, and a thermos of warm coffee left the group in a fully zen state.
  9. The zodiacal book stated quite frankly that Taurus was the superior sign.
  10. Despite the car’s massive size, it’s surprisingly zippy and can easily handle the tight corners and windy roads.

Catching Zzz’s With the Letter “Z”

Now that you’re equipped with a non-zero collection of adjectives that start with “Z,” you can learn even more “Z” words in different parts of speech. Expanding your “Z” words can improve your writing and conversation skills, and they can help you score big in word games.