List of 125+ Positive Adjectives

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Updated July 29, 2022
Happy Jumping Woman With List of Five Positive Adjectives
    Happy Jumping Woman With List Positive Adjectives
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While there’s nothing wrong with being realistic, no one likes a Negative Neddy. This is where adjectives can help, giving you the right words to describe people, places, and things. Knowing your positive adjectives gives you the vocabulary to describe your charming friends, your passionate colleagues, and every stunning rainbow. A bigger personal vocabulary also improves your writing, so keep your eye on that silver lining.

List of Positive Attitude Adjectives

It’s not always easy keeping up a positive attitude, but building up your personal lexicon of positive attitude adjectives might help. You’ll begin to see yourself as more diligent, dynamic, or likable than you realize.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
affectionate having or showing fond feelings or tenderness loving, adoring, fond
agreeable pleasing or pleasant pleasant, harmonious, amenable
amiable friendly and agreeable in disposition friendly, polite, kind
bright intelligent smart, intellectual
charming highly pleasing or delightful enchanting, fascinating
creative characterized by originality and expressiveness artistic, imaginative, inventive
determined resolute, having made a firm decision persistent, stubborn, single-minded
diligent consistent in effort; pursued with persevering energy and attention persistent, hard-working, industrious
diplomatic having the ability to deal with situations or people in an effective, sensitive way tactful, gracious, strategic
dynamic full of energy and positive in attitude charismatic, energetic, vital
energetic showing great vitality and activity vigorous, vivacious, lively
friendly kind and pleasant; on good terms with affable, companionable, amicable
funny causing amusement or laughter hilarious, amusing, comical
generous freely giving and sharing; unselfish big-hearted, charitable, considerate
giving caring; providing emotional support generous, big-hearted, bountiful
gregarious sociable; fond of being around others affable, friendly, convivial
hardworking working with great energy and concentration industrious, diligent, zealous
helpful useful; readily providing assistance beneficent, supportive, accommodating
kind having a good, generous, or friendly nature affable, good, compassionate
likable pleasant and easy to like agreeable, friendly, amiable
loyal giving constant faith and support to a person, nation, or institution faithful, committed, devoted
patient able to tolerate problems without complaint or anger enduring, tolerant, forbearing
polite showing good manners courteous, civilized, cordial
sincere free of deceit, falseness, or pretense genuine, honest, heartfelt

List of Positive Adjectives To Describe a Person

One of the few sure things in life is: People are incredibly diverse. You need words to describe people and their actions beyond just great. Whether you need to describe a blithesome sibling, upbeat friend, or your own stunning look today, it never hurts to expand your vocabulary of positive adjectives for people.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
amazing astonishing; instilling great wonder or surprise astounding, stunning, fascinating
awesome causing overwhelming feelings of admiration, reverence, or fear; impressive amazing, awe-inspiring, outstanding
blithesome having a cheerful disposition lighthearted, carefree, gleeful
excellent extremely good; having outstanding quality wonderful, superior, exceptional
fabulous exceptionally good; nearly unbelievable wonderful, awesome, phenomenal
favorable positive; expressing or characterized by approval agreeable, supportive, encouraging
fortuitous lucky; happening by chance or accident accidental, unexpected, serendipitous
gorgeous very attractive in appearance; beautiful handsome, exquisite, good-looking
incredible unbelievable; extraordinary marvelous, inconceivable, amazing
unique having no equal, one of a kind singular, individual, unparalleled
mirthful joyous, cheerful merry, carefree, gleeful
outstanding prominent; exceptionally good superior, excellent, magnificent
perfect beyond improvement; as close to the ideal as possible flawless, faultless, impeccable
philosophical calm, patient, or composed in light of disappointments; versed in philosophy reflective, rational, profound
propitious presenting favorable conditions; favorably inclined auspicious, advantageous, promising
remarkable extraordinary; worthy of notice unusual, impressive, noteworthy
rousing stirring, lively, vigorous enthusiastic, spirited, chirpy
spectacular characterized by an impressive display; thrilling or daring awesome, breathtaking, dazzling
splendid magnificent, gorgeous, superb luxurious, excellent, illustrious
stellar relating to the stars; exceptionally good cosmic, outstanding, superior
stupendous amazingly large; causing amazement wonderful, fabulous, marvelous
super of the highest degree; very good; of an extreme degree great, magnificent, terrific
upbeat happy and optimistic cheerful, buoyant, rosy
stunning causing astonishment or bewilderment; characterized by striking excellence or beauty beautiful, gorgeous, dazzling
wondrous marvelous, wonderful astonishing, extraordinary, miraculous

Descriptive Positive Words for Personality Traits and Qualities

People have complex, nuanced personalities that exist beyond the binary of bad and good. With the right vocabulary, you can better describe the personality traits and qualities of your considerate friends and loving family, or you can write plucky, vivacious characters.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
adept very skilled proficient, adroit, skillful
alluring charming; very tempting or attractive seductive, enticing, beguiling
ample sufficient or more than enough plentiful, abundant, bountiful
bountiful giving generously; large in amount abundant, plentiful, magnanimous
brave ready and willing to face danger courageous, fearless, valiant
breathtaking thrilling or awe-inspiring in quality amazing, heart-stopping, impressive
brilliant shining brightly; having or displaying great intelligence or skill dazzling, outstanding, astute
capable having the power and ability to accomplish something competent, able, adept
considerate showing care and awareness of other people’s feelings thoughtful, attentive, accommodating
courageous not deterred by dangerous or fearful things brave, bold, daring
dazzling extremely bright, enough to blind temporarily; highly skilled, clever, or attractive brilliant, glittering, sensational
elegant gracefully refined; tasteful or luxurious in dress or style chic, dignified, fashionable
enchanting delightfully captivating and charming alluring, beguiling, bewitching
faithful true to one’s principles; remaining loyal reliable, dependable, devoted
fearless bold, brave, or intrepid courageous, unafraid, daring
frank direct in speech unreserved, straightforward, matter-of-fact
gleaming giving off light or brightness; radiant shining, glistening, lustrous
glimmering shining faintly or unsteadily scintillating, dazzling, twinkling
glistening shining with a sparkling light glossy, lustrous, gleaming
glittering shining with a shimmering or sparkling light gleaming, glistening, twinkling
glowing warmly favorable or praiseworthy; bright enthusiastic, vibrant, flushed
humorous causing laughter and amusement comical, funny, amusing
knowledgeable well-informed or well-versed in specific topics smart, educated, intelligent
lovely exquisitely beautiful; pleasant or enjoyable good-looking, delightful, adorable
loving warmly affectionate fond, caring, admiring
lustrous luminous; brilliant shining, glorious, glowing
magnificent sublime; extraordinary; having exceptional size wonderful, brilliant, grandiose
marvelous superb, excellent; improbable or unbelievable astonishing, awesome, fantastic
nice pleasant in nature agreeable, fair, friendly
optimistic hopeful and confident about future events positive, sanguine, cheerful
passionate having intense emotions or strong feelings ardent, enthusiastic, impassioned
persistent lasting or enduring despite obstacles or opposition determined, relentless, resolute
plucky showing courage brave, heroic, gutsy
proficient competent or skilled in a craft or subject able, adept, capable
ravishing enchanting; extremely attractive alluring, beautiful, gorgeous
romantic characterized by the expression of love amorous, sentimental, intimate
self-confident trusting or secure in oneself assertive, self-assured, composed
sensible showing or possessing wisdom, prudence, or sound judgment astute, reasonable, practical
sleek smooth or glossy; graceful shiny, silky, satin
sparkling shining brightly with flashes of light glinting, gleaming, brilliant
thoughtful caring and considerate of others mindful, gracious, tactful
twinkling shining with a light that alternates between faint and bright sparkling, flashing, shimmering
vivid full of life; producing strong feelings intense, powerful, evocative
vibrant vigorous or energetic; stimulating dynamic, vivacious, animated
vivacious lively, spirited active, animated, effervescent
warm-hearted kind and sympathetic kindhearted, selfless, affable
willing readily given or done prepared, agreeable, inclined
zestful having great energy or enthusiasm exhilarated, eager, vivacious

List of Positive Adjectives for Your Resume

Your resume is a tool for selling yourself to a potential employer, which is hard to do when you’re just using words. Even if you’re fully qualified, the wrong words in your resume can send you back to scrolling through endless job listings. Sticking with some positive adjectives can help you land the interview, and they can be a great reminder that you’re an ambitious, devoted, and responsible employee.





able to readily adjust to different conditions

flexible, versatile, resilient


having the desire to be successful or achieve goals

determined, goal-oriented, enterprising


easy to talk to; accessible

friendly, affable, sociable


having a strong desire to succeed in competition

aggressive, ambitious, cutthroat


having strong belief of assurance

sure, convinced, assured


putting customers’ needs first

generous, giving, friendly


extremely loyal

committed, devout, ardent


having experienced an education; characteristic of qualities of learning and culture

experienced, learned, knowledgeable


achieving peak productivity with minimal waste of time and effort

capable, productive, adept


moving or changing quickly

quick, hurried, expeditious


adaptable; pliable

adjustable, responsive, amenable


characterized by close attention or concentration

absorbed, engaged, engrossed


fair; sincere; honorable

truthful, genuine, virtuous


thinking or acting for oneself; autonomous

self-reliant, self-sufficient, individualistic


eager for knowledge, intellectually curious

analytical, questioning, intrigued


showing a deep understanding

perceptive, astute, shrewd


open to new ideas

receptive, approachable, objective


orderly and efficient; having formed a labor union

arranged, coordinated, structured


having a pleasing personality

approachable, friendly, sociable


able to produce large amounts of goods or commodities

fruitful, constructive, efficient


having traits and qualities necessary for a job

able, skillful, capable


not strict; free of tension or anxiety

easygoing, laid-back, nonchalant


able to skillfully overcome difficulties

creative, clever, quick-witted


capable of being trusted; reliable or dependable

accountable, trustworthy, competent


proficient or knowledgeable about technology



Good Adjectives To Describe Art and Media

You’ve watched the latest movie, read the newest book, or caught up with the new season of your favorite show. All you can muster is “I liked it.” It’s time to expand your language horizons so you can talk about the engrossing plot, engaging characters, and powerful visuals like a true art critic.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
engaging charming and attractive; drawing favorable attention captivating, appealing, inviting
engrossing completely occupying one’s attention absorbing, gripping, enthralling
captivating capable of attracting and holding one’s interest enchanting, engrossing, riveting
fantastic extravagantly fanciful awesome, sensational, imaginary
gripping intensely holding one’s interest and attention absorbing, engrossing, consuming
heartwarming emotionally rewarding or satisfying gratifying, heartening, inspiring
hilarious extremely amusing, merry comical, amusing, uproarious
imaginative showing creativity or inventiveness fanciful, artistic, whimsical
moving evoking strong feelings touching, affecting, poignant
powerful evoking a strong effect on thoughts or feelings compelling, persuasive, impressive
spellbinding holding one’s thoughts or feelings as though by a magic spell enchanting, entrancing, bewitching
thought-provoking stimulating attention or careful consideration provocative, intriguing, inspiring

Sentence Examples Using Positive Adjectives

Now that you know some positive adjectives, it’s a good idea to learn how to use them properly in your regular conversations and writing. It can help you be more open-minded and optimistic.

  1. The movie was so hilarious that I could hardly breathe from laughing so hard.
  2. The parents were thankful that the spellbinding puppet show kept the children’s attention.
  3. I promise that the story about creating the world’s most perfect cheeseburger is more gripping than you think.
  4. Even though he tended to be independent, he wasn’t afraid to ask for help when he really needed it.
  5. The confident puppy dove headfirst into the swimming pool.
  6. We were all out of breath by the time we hit the peak of the mountain, but it was worth it for the breathtaking scenery.
  7. The moving tribute to pizza left everyone in the theater close to tears.
  8. The whole crowd applauded after the dazzling fireworks display.
  9. Despite his cold, grumpy exterior, he was actually quite warm-hearted once you got to know him.
  10. The resourceful camper was able to start a fire and cook dinner with just some aluminum foil and a sock.
  11. His vivacious nature helped to keep up everyone’s spirits.
  12. The team’s competitive drive helped them win out against the competition.
  13. The book was so engrossing that she didn’t even realize her friend was talking to her.
  14. It was such a lovely day that absolutely nothing could bother them.
  15. The devoted customer refused to shop elsewhere, even after the increase in the price of bananas.
  16. The bird’s persistent foraging helped the babies grow strong.
  17. The car had ample room for all their groceries, a bike, and a box full of encyclopedias.
  18. Her vivid imagination as a child is part of what led to her becoming an artist.
  19. The soda’s unique flavor tasted like a mix of guavas and cheese.
  20. Her gregarious nature made it easy for her to find friends in the new city.

Other Words To Help Keep Things Positive

Positivity is contagious, and the words you use play a role in that. Now that your mind has an ample supply of positive adjectives, it’s time to expand with a whole host of other positive parts of speech. Building up your vocabulary can help you develop more thought-provoking writing and conversation, and it can give you a leg up on your favorite word games.