Positive Words That Start With A

Updated July 6, 2022
Positive Words That Start With A
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Have you ever considered words to be positive or negative? Indeed, words can convey positive or negative connotations. So, why not use words that empower other people, lift them up and shed light on situations? Stroll down a lane filled with positive words and encouraging meanings. You can use them in your emails, cover letters, letters of interest, and everyday conversation. Be forewarned: when you focus on positivity, your life is sure to change for the better. Start the journey with an abundant list of positive words that start with A.

Short Positive Words That Start With A

Many of the positive words that start with A are fairly short, so consider those before looking at longer options. There is an abundance of upbeat a-words with seven or fewer letters. You might find the perfect term to convey your meaning on this list of relatively brief words. If not, keep going to discover additional positive a-words that are a bit longer.




abound (v.)

exist in abundance

overflow, swarm, teem

achieve (v.) bring to a successful conclusion; reach a goal actualize, attain, effectuate
acclaim (n.) expression of approval approval, recognition, praise

accrue (v.)

increasing by addition of growth, often financial

acquire, amass, multiply

accurate (adj.) correct, without error right, exact, precise

ace (n.)

being an expert in some activity

master, champion, star

active (adj.)

having movement

agile, athletic, vigorous

adept (adj.)

very able

adroit, apt, proficient

admire (v.)

to hold in high regard

esteem, honor, respect

adore (v.)

to love intensely

admire, cherish, esteem

adroit (adj.)

very able or skilled

able, adept, artful, skilled

affable (adj.) friendly agreeable, amiable, charming

affirm (v.)

declare the truth of something

approve, assert, declare

aglow (adj.)

glowing or illuminated with a soft light

bright, glittering, shimmering

alert (adj.)

awake and paying attention

attentive, keen, observant

align (v.)

bring to agreement

order, arrange, straighten

ally (n.)

someone or something united to another, especially by treaty

accomplice, affiliate, comrade

always (adv.)

forever; continually; happening for all time

constantly, invariably, unceasingly

amazing (adj.) full of wonder or excitement astonishing, astounding, marvelous
amiable (adj.) friendly and agreeable affable, cordial, friendly
amplify (v.) increase in size or magnitude augment, boost, increase

amply (adv.)

fully; in large and sufficient amounts or degree

abundantly, adequately, enough

amusing (adj.) entertaining; funny comical, delightful, entertaining
angelic (adj.) sweet, kind, and usually beautiful celestial, cherubic, divine

ardor (n.)

a way of feeling or acting that is energetic and exciting

enthusiasm, fervor, zest

awesome (adj.) amazing or very good breathtaking, grand, impressive

Longer Positive Words That Start With A

Brevity is good, but sometimes a short word isn't exactly what you need. Review a selection of a-words that have eight or more letters. From accolades to angelic musings, enjoy these auspicious positive words that start with "a," along with accompanying definitions and synonyms.

Word Definition Synonyms
absorbing (v.) holding one's attention soaking, involving, engrossing
abundance (n.) great amount or supply bounty, copiousness, excess
abundant (adj.) plentiful; large in number sufficient, ample, plentiful
accessible (adj.) approachable; reachable; ready for use available, convenient, handy
accolade (n.) recognition of accomplishment compliment, encomium, honor
accommodating (v.) willing to help obliging, helpful, neighborly
accomplished (v.) to have finished something successfully completed, concluded, done
accumulate (v.) to gather or amass something collect, hoard, heap
achievement (n.) something completed successfully; a goal reached accomplishment, attainment, feat
activate (v.) initiating something; starting a function arouse, enable, impel
adaptable (adj.) able and willing to change adjustable, amenable, flexible
admirable (adj.) held in great respect laudable, praiseworthy, venerable
adorable (adj.) cute, lovable charming, sweet, delightful
adventurous (adj.) daring; risk-taking audacious, brave, courageous
affection (n.) strong fondness devotion, esteem, fondness
agreeable (n.) appropriate; in keeping with preferences or expectations pleasing, congenial, kind
alliance (n.) friendly association; agreement connection, affinity, collusion
altruistic (adj.) unselfish, working toward satisfying the needs of others charitable, selfless, generous
ameliorate (v.) to make something better in some way advance, help, improve
amicable (adj.) someone or something that is friendly and shows peace-loving characteristics benevolent, friendly, peaceable
appreciate (v) to be grateful, thankful thank, enjoy, prize
attentive (adj.) paying attention to or being thoughtful of others alert, assiduous, circumspect
auspicious (adj.) favorable; appearing to associate with good luck promising, propitious, hopeful
authentic (adj.) real; genuine actual, real, true

10 Example Sentences Using A-Words

Wondering how these words can be worked into your writing or verbal communication? Take a look at 10 sample sentences to acquaint yourself with how to adopt these words for use in your everyday vocabulary.

  • Visions of her upcoming travels abound in her head.
  • He received several bouts of acclaim for his latest novel.
  • The hosts of her vacation rental were very accommodating.
  • His promotion in such a short time was quite an achievement.
  • That’s the most adorable baby boy I’ve ever seen.
  • She’s off on another adventurous excursion to Peru.
  • Unfortunately, the two mean girls seem to have formed an alliance.
  • His desire to go on this mission trip to New Zealand is completely altruistic.
  • I enjoyed meeting her; she’s quite amiable.
  • Last night, we enjoyed authentic Ethiopian cuisine for dinner.

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An Abundance of Accessible A-Words

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