Sentence Examples

  • Taylor Lautner: He's been in show biz since childhood, but it was his grown-up role in the hugely popular Twilight series that made Lautner a heartthrob to teen girls (and even adult women) everywhere.
  • Immediately after the finale of Dancing With the Stars, which was won by former teenage heartthrob Donny Osmond, Johnston said that if the show called him up right now and asked him to be a contestant, his answer would be yes.
  • Although he fit the mold of "Hollywood Heartthrob" with his smoldering good looks and charm, this would be the only film role in the teen movie genre that Heath Ledger would ever take.
  • Kyle Brandt was a heartthrob in his own right on The Real World Chicago, but that charm and good looks helped him land a recurring role on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives in 2003.
  • From an international soccer star to a gorgeous supermodel to a teen heartthrob, the celebrities that are blowing out birthday candles in May are an interesting mix of talents!

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