Sentence Examples

  • The beds are to be spawned when the heat moderates, and the surface is then covered with a sprinkling of warmed loam, which after a few days is made up to a thickness of 2 in., and well beaten down.
  • This constitution was far from satisfying the advanced Liberals, and the supporters of Christinaknown as Crislinos broke into two sections, the Moderados, or Moderates, and Pro gressisias or Exalt ados, the Progressists or Hot-heads.
  • In 1845 the Moderates having deceived their Liberal allies, revised the constitution of 1837 and limited the freedom it gave.
  • Liberals arid discontented Moderates, supported as usual by troops led into mutiny by officers whose chief object was promotion, imposed some restraint on the queen.
  • He took for colleagues some of the strongest and most popular statesmen of the Liberal party, virtually representing the three important groups of men of the Revolution united under his leadershipveteran Liberals like Camacho and Venancio Gonzalez; Moderates like Alonzo Martinez, Gamazo and Marshal Jovellar; and Democrats like Moret, Montero Rios and Admiral Beranger.

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