Sentence Examples

  • Was he mocking her, or did he think she was naive enough to believe his outrageous flattery?
  • She had heard stories whispered of what barbarians did to women, but she never put much faith in the outrageous tales.
  • Was it so outrageous to think that he might actually want to be near her?
  • (who were really a very remarkable body of men) distrusted democratic government; that their Sedition Law was outrageous in itself, and (as well as the Alien Law) bad as a party measure; that in disputes with Great Britain they were true English Tories when contrasted with the friendly attitude toward America held by many English Liberals; and that they persisted in New England as a pro-British, aristocratic social-cult long after they lost effective political influence.
  • Under Galba, to the general astonishment, at the end of 68 he was chosen to command the army of Lower Germany, and here he made himself popular with his subalterns and with the soldiers by outrageous prodigality and excessive good nature, which soon proved fatal to order and discipline.

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