Clever Process Analysis Essay Topics

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Updated May 7, 2020
Taking funny dog video
    Taking funny dog video
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Anyone can describe a process. However, describing a process in an engaging and informative manner is harder than you think. To make sure your process analysis essay engages you and your readers, sift through process analysis essay topics that might have you laughing, baking a cake, or even making a meme!

What Is a Process Analysis Essay?

Have you ever thought of the steps to a process? Just like a good recipe, most tasks in life can be completed in steps. In a process analysis essay, you look at those steps through a metaphorical microscope and write about them. While this might seem simple, it’s anything but.

The steps to creating a process analysis essay require you to analyze all the important and minute details while conveying them in a fun or interesting way. Making a good process analysis essay requires expertise on your topic. For this reason, the topics must be to the point. Check out a few fun and easy topics to inform your readers!

Funny Process Analysis Essay Topics

Process analysis topics can get pretty boring. Add a bit of spice through these engaging and wacky topics to give your readers a good laugh.

  • How to make an ugly Christmas sweater
  • Process for writing a comedy script
  • Steps to creating clown makeup
  • How to create outrageous 80’s hair
  • Uploading a funny dog video
  • How to download a funny jingle to your phone
  • Process for making a ridiculous 70s outfit
  • How to give a bowl haircut
  • Creating a hilarious playlist
  • How to make a collage out of felt mustaches
  • Creating a felt mustache
  • Creating a video showing off a finger mustache
  • How to write a joke
  • How to create a funny pun
  • Process for winning an argument with your pet
  • Creating a funny cat video
  • Ways to find funny videos on the internet
  • How to make a funny meme

Recipe & Cooking Process Analysis Topics

You can’t go wrong with a good recipe! It was created to be explored in steps. Get inspiration through these clever process analysis topics.

  • How to make a fruit cake
  • The process to create instant mashed potatoes
  • How to cut up potatoes for a recipe
  • The ways to sauté meat
  • How to follow a cookie recipe
  • Process for creating Christmas cookies
  • How to glaze a ham
  • How to make a hot pocket without a microwave
  • Creating dinner from scratch
  • Process for making a turkey sandwich
  • How to make an apple pie

Easy Process Analysis Essay Topics

For beginning writers, easy topics are the way to go. Explore topics anyone can have expertise on!

  • Steps for drawing a simple sun
  • How to write your name in cursive
  • Process for trimming nails
  • Steps for brushing your teeth
  • How to create a password on a cell phone
  • Creating a Snapchat post
  • Process for creating a text
  • How to make a phone call
  • How to use a Snapchat filter
  • Process for making an album on Facebook
  • How to get dressed in the morning
  • Process for putting hair in a ponytail
  • Process for making a finger mustache

Fun Process Analysis Essay Topics

Maybe you're looking for a fun process, not something boring like preparing a resume. Instead, peruse these fun topics that might lead to learning a new language or even origami.

  • How to use filters to give yourself cat ears
  • Process for painting your pet’s toenails
  • Ways to train a dog to sit
  • Creating a listing on eBay
  • How to learn to say ‘hello’ in French
  • Steps to create an origami owl
  • Process for winning an argument against your sibling
  • A quick way to write a haiku poem
  • How to pitch a baseball
  • A fun way to write a song
  • An interesting guide for creating a journal entry
  • How to color a picture staying in the lines

College Level Process Analysis Topics

Looking for something more advanced? Upper-level high school and college students might find these topics more their speed.

  • How to write a descriptive essay
  • Steps for repairing a computer screen
  • How to replace a dryer element
  • Process for creating a dissertation
  • Ways to throw a successful dinner party
  • How to choose your major
  • The best process for completing general education requirements
  • Process for writing a thesis
  • How to successfully win a debate
  • Process for starting a business
  • How to get students for tutoring
  • How to find an internship
  • Steps for creating a personal website
  • How to successfully study
  • Steps for writing a teacher review
  • How to make a screen print

Best Topic for a Process Analysis Essay

It’s important to not get all willy nilly when choosing a topic. Having expertise in an area and being interested in it are what will truly make your essay shine. Once you've chosen your topic, find out more about creating an essay. Review these essay examples as well.