Sentence Examples

  • The Suffering video game for PS2 is an action/adventure type game set in an insane prison with lots of horrific creatures and absolute brutality.
  • Jennifer Hudson is known for many different things, from being a star on American Idol to winning and Academy Award to releasing a gold-certified album to the horrific news events surrounding her mother's murder.
  • In 1980, with dozens of characters introduced and storylines ranging from joyous to horrific, CBS expanded The Young and the Restless to an hour format, and even more characters were introduced.
  • In contrast to a lot of hauntings, this particular case is one of the more positive ones, with the spirits of the Kehoes said to be friendly and curious, rather than horrific and frightening.
  • Real ghost stories are part of the fabric of life, from scary stories meant to warn and protect children from horrific fates to tales told to thrill and chill.