Sentence Examples

  • He'd dreaded his first steps on his planet, fearing it, too, would've lost faith in him.
  • It was believed that its object was the introduction of the dreaded form of the Inquisition established in Spain, and in any case more systematic and stringent measures for the stamping out of heresy.
  • Pisa and Perugia were threatened with extinction, and Florence dreaded the advance of the Visconti arms, when the plague suddenly cut short his career of treachery and conquest in the year 1402.
  • He seems now to have resigned all hopes of recovering Ferghana, and as he at the same time dreaded an invasion of the Uzbegs from the west, his attention was more and more drawn towards India.
  • He mentions that he dreaded the " recurrence of the full moon," which was the period generally selected for the more convenient accomplishment of such formidable excursions.

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