Sentence Examples

  • While he'd failed to save Annie from her moribund actions, he now labored to retain the phantom vision of her final memory.
  • The phantom of Andre appeared to her right again, keeping pace with her.  She slowed to draw a heavy knife.  It slowed with her.
  • Andre appeared before her suddenly, and she stopped.  The phantom looked at her then past her.  Katie glanced back without seeing anything.  The phantom had moved when her gaze returned to where he had been.  He stood a short distance away, pointed to a small hollow in a tree then took up a protective position several feet away, watching the way she'd come.
  • There was no way she was sleeping tonight, even if she didn't feel any threat from the phantom.  She definitely didn't feel safe without Gabriel there.  She hesitated before going to where the ghost indicated, not wanting to continue without Gabe.  Popping a food cube, Katie huddled in the hollow of the tree and waited.  
  •   The phantom stayed with Katie throughout the night and into the first light of morning.  Katie didn't sleep, not with the creepy phantom and no sign of Gabriel.  She huddled in the hollow of the tree by the lake, praying for Gabe to reappear.

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