Sentence Examples

  • Based on the creatures intiially introduced during SG-1's second season, these human form Replicators were actually created by the Ancients thousands of years before to destroy the Wraith, but something went wrong.
  • During season one of the show, Lt. Aiden Ford (Rainbow Francks) was the fourth member of Sheppard's expeditionary team, but infection from a Wraith attack altered his DNA and left him borderline insane.
  • Over the course of the next two seasons, the Atlantis crew would continue to explore the Pegasus Galaxy, battle the Wraith and even attempt to de-evolve a Wraith to his base human form.
  • Battles with the Replicators and the Wraith continued to plague the Expeditionary Force through the series conclusion, when the Ancient City was relocated to Earth.
  • Just when a race begian to develop, along came huge Wraith hive ships to cull the herd before becoming dormant until the next time they needed to feed.

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