Sentence Examples

  • It is false to suggest that sequence is a fact and causal connexion a figment; apart from causal connexion, there could be no consciousness of sequences.
  • In the metaphysical state of mind, then, to retain our instance, political authority was based on the sovereignty of the people, and social facts were explained by the figment of a falling away from a state of nature.
  • Thus the judgments " this sensible pressure exists," " that sensible pressure existed," " other similar pressures exist," " a conceivable centaur does not exist but is a figment," are all equally true, because they are in accordance with one or other of these kinds of knowledge.
  • We may, however, reject the sceptical hypothesis that Laura was a mere figment of Petrarch's fancy; and, if we accept her personal reality, the poems of her lover demonstrate that she was a married woman with whom he enjoyed a respectful and not very intimate friendship.
  • All such figments offer the same problems of falsification.

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