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  • In 311 B.C. Agathocles put to death 5000 of its inhabitants; and finally, after its destruction by the Mamertines about 281 B.C., Phintias of Agrigentum transferred the remainder to the new town of Phintias (now Licata, q.v.).
  • After Agathocles' death, his mercenaries, the Mamertines, treacherously seized the town about 282 B.C. and held it.
  • And Hellas was cut short by the seizure of Messana by the disbanded Campanian mercenaries of Agathocles (c. 282), who proclaimed themselves a new people in a new city by the name of Mamertines, children of Mamers or Mars.
  • The Greek king, on his way back to fight for Tarentum against Rome, had to cut his way through Carthaginians and Mamertines 1 For the ensuing years cf.
  • The Mamertines leagued with other Campanian freebooters who had forsaken the service of Rome to establish themselves at Rhegium.

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