Sentence Examples

  • In 1905 the city's factory products were valued at $19,911,567, the value of foundry and machine-shop products being $6,723,819, of flour and grist-mill products $1,444,450, and of malt liquors $88 2, 493.
  • Among its manufactures are machine-shop and foundry products, window glass and pressed glass ware, and grist mill and planing-mill products.
  • Foundry and machine-shop products were valued at $115,876,193 in 1905, and electrical machinery, apparatus,.
  • Of the other products, iron and steel ($6,108,295), flouring and grist-mill products ($4,528,062), foundry and machine-shop products ($3,986,985), steam railway repair and construction work ($3,141,602), printing and publishing, wholesale slaughtering and meat packing, malt liquors, lumber and timber, and coke were the most important.
  • Among the manufactures are agricultural implements (particularly ploughs), machine-shop and foundry products (particularly mining-cars and equipment), flour, cigars, cigarboxes, brooms, and bricks and tile.