Sentence Examples

  • DSL, or digital subscriber line. is a high-speed connection that uses existing telephone wires for data transmission requiring a data transmission linking device, or modem, to hook up to your Macintosh or Windows computer.
  • While Macintosh users are enthusiastic, Rush Limbaugh being among them, business owners have always complained about a lack of business-oriented products or Web sites geared to Apple web-based programs.
  • The amount of customer service that Apple provides to their Macintosh computer customers is superb, and Macintosh computers come with a warranty that allows you to get repairs through the Apple company.
  • Considering that Microsoft has always perceived Macintosh as a weak competitor more education-oriented and lacking a business orientation, this bias isn't a mystery from a business point of view.
  • Sometimes images produced on office PC or Macintosh desktop publishing systems may not look the same as on a CD reproduction center's system which may use more advanced and different technology.