Sentence Examples

  • Mackintosh was soon absorbed in the question of the time; and in April 1791, after long meditation, he published his Vindiciae Gallicae, a reply to Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution.
  • 1880); Sir James Mackintosh, On the Progress of Ethical Philosophy (4th ed.); J.
  • In the midst of the attractions of London society and of his parliamentary avocations Mackintosh felt that the real work of his life was being neglected.
  • By his Analysis of the Mind and' his Fragment on Mackintosh Mill acquired a position in the history of psychology and ethics.
  • Mar never crossed the Forth, and the command of Mackintosh, who did, was captured, with his Northumbrian cavaliers, at Preston, on the very day (12th of November) when Argyll foiled Mar in the confused battle of Sheriffmuir.