Sentence Examples

  • In some places the highest priests bore special names, such as the Ouer maa, the Great Seer, of Re in Heliopolis, or the Khorp himet, chief artificer, of the Memphite Ptah.
  • Ehstland and Esshland, Esthonian Eestimaa and Meie-maa, also Viroma and Rahvama; Lettish Iggaun Senna), a Baltic province of Russia, stretching along the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, and having Lake Peipus and Livonia on the S.
  • Artoclz;?°;:I:; lt prrle ' in ton Y OVtt: ],erbor iPorio? ?Maa he?F elt B oya} a e Oi,Hrc