Sentence Examples

  • Several specific antigens are responsible for the incompatibilities: Rh type incompatibility, ABO blood group incompatibility, and other incompatibilities involving antigens known as Kell, Duffy, M, N, and P, among many others.
  • An effective half-hardy plant for the summer; M. major having finely-cut, large, glaucous leaves contrasting effectively with the garden vegetation, and being of the easiest cultivation, it has become a favourite in sub-tropical gardening.
  • The MBTI should only be administered, scored, and interpreted by a professional trained in its use (except in the case of Form M, which can be self-scored but should still be administered and interpreted by a professional).
  • The watch is supported with Scratch resistant sapphire crystal and 200 M water resistant, Polished Stainless Steel, uni-Directional rotating with engraved dive time markers Bezel, Swiss Quartz movement making it a truly unforgettable piece.
  • After talking with M & J for about one hour, I came home to do my own research and to my further surprise, I found many styles of the portable cat cage, and the clothing styles surely have gotten better for cats.