Adjectives That Start With M

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Updated June 28, 2022
Adjectives That Start with M
    Adjectives That Start with M
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Any word that describes a noun is considered to be an adjective. There are hundreds of adjectives in the English language that start with the letter "m." Explore these extensive lists of common and less common adjectives that start with "m," along with their meanings.

25 Less Common Adjectives That Start With M

If you're looking for some less common adjectives that begin with "m" to liven up your writing or conversations, you might find just what you're looking for in this list.

  • macabre - ghastly, gruesome or horrifying
  • Machiavellian - characterized by craftiness and duplicity
  • macrocephalous - having a very large or long cranium
  • macroscopic - so tiny that it cannot be seen by the naked eye
  • madescent - becoming damp or slightly wet
  • magnanimous - big-hearted and generous, moral
  • maladapted - not properly adapted to, poorly suited
  • malefic - evil, malicious
  • malleable - capable of being changed or molded, adaptable
  • maniacal - excessively enthusiastic, perhaps to the point of insanity
  • melancholy - sad or gloomy
  • mercurial - likely to suddenly change one's mind
  • meretricious - using false, flashy charm
  • meritorious - deserving of praise
  • militant - ready to fight (especially for a cause); aggressive
  • misanthropic - disliking people
  • modish - fashionable; consistent with current trends
  • monarchical - like a monarch (king or queen)
  • monomorphic - having only one form
  • mulish - stubborn, obstinate, difficult
  • multiparous - having given birth more than twice, or to multiple offspring at once
  • munificent - very generous; more generous than would be expected
  • mutinous - rebellious; seeking to overthrow those in authority
  • myopic - nearsighted; short-sightedness, lack of insight
  • myriad - an extremely large number or quantity; countless

25 Commonly Used M-Adjectives

If you're looking for descriptive words that are more frequently used in everyday communication, the adjectives that start with "m" listed below might be more in alignment with your needs.

  • magnetic - ability to attract
  • main - primary, most important
  • majestic - impressive beauty, dignified
  • manicured - carefully maintained
  • marketable - something that can be sold; fit to be purchased
  • masterful - skillful; authoritative
  • mature - fully grown or developed
  • mean - unkind to others; stingy
  • meek - soft-spoken, quiet; gentle
  • melodramatic - extremely exaggerated behavior; overly emotional
  • memorable - occurrence worth remembering; something that is easy to remember
  • metallic - having properties of a substance that is metal
  • meticulous - exacting, precise; paying extreme attention to detail
  • mild - gentle in nature or flavor; not easily provoked
  • mindful - conscious awareness; being president in a moment
  • miserly - cheap; stingy
  • miserable - very unhappy; a tiny amount of something
  • misleading - deceptive, giving the wrong impression
  • modern - up-to-date, current
  • modest - moderate; unassuming
  • moody - characterized by frequent changes in mood or behavior
  • moral - right, ethical conduct
  • multipurpose - fulfills more than one purpose
  • mundane - boring, tedious, dull
  • mysterious - can't easily be understood or accounted for; hard to explain

20 Example Sentences Featuring M-Adjectives

Need some inspiration to help you incorporate these adjectives that start with "m" into your conversations and essay writing? Review this selection of example sentences to illustrate how these vocabulary words can be used.

  1. I think that haunted houses are macabre.
  2. Cheating to win at Scrabble is Machiavellian behavior. Let's play fair!
  3. She was very magnanimous toward the noisy neighbors, even after they kept her awake all night.
  4. Maladapted species tend to die out as part of evolution.
  5. Lying to your parents is malefic behavior and you should not do it.
  6. The malleable boy was easily swayed by each new trend that came along.
  7. Collecting every Star Wars toy is a maniacal obsession.
  8. The melancholy couple liked to watch sad movies and cry.
  9. Some meretricious people are good at making friends but don't keep them for long.
  10. The meritorious article won the prize at the science fair.
  11. Militant people can be seen as very hostile.
  12. The misanthropic man yelled at the neighbors for being too loud, when they were barely whispering.
  13. I like to wear modish clothing when I go out for dinner.
  14. The spoilt, monarchical child always wanted their own way.
  15. People are monomorphic, while caterpillars change form.
  16. Mulish people don't change their minds easily.
  17. The multiparous woman had seven children.
  18. The successful sister was munificent toward her less fortunate siblings.
  19. If he wasn't so myopic, he would understand how the changes help the business.
  20. There are myriad adjectives that start with "m" in the English language.

Sound Off: Pronouncing M

Unlike some letters, which make different sounds in different words, the letter "m" is an easy one to pronounce. No matter where the letter "m" is in the word, or what letter follows it, you'll always know what sound to make with "m."

  • It always makes an "emm" sound. When "m" is at the beginning of a word it is usually followed by a vowel — as in magic, men, mine, more, and music.
  • There are some exceptions, like the word mnemonic, where the "m" is basically silent. In this case, though, it is not followed by a vowel.

The Story of M

The letter "m" is the thirteenth letter in the English alphabet. Did you know that it evolved from an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that meant "owl"? It did! Since everyone knows that owls are wise, the letter "m" must be a most useful letter. In fact, "m" is the first letter of a lot of very positive words in the English language, such as me, more, marvelous, magical, and miracle. If you think something tastes yummy, you can string as many Ms together as you'd like to make the sound, and onomatopoeia word, "mmmm!" How fun is that?


Discover More M Words

Now that you've gotten started with some magnificent adjectives that start with "m," take the time to explore other words that start with this letter. First, discover some positive words that start with "m" before moving on to various parts of speech. Next, explore some nouns that start with "m" since they're essential to phrases and sentences. Then, turn your attention to verbs that begin with "m" for even more options. Soon, your vocabulary will be overflowing with "m" terminology, a factor that can have a positive impact on your writing and conversational skills alike.