Nouns That Start With M

Updated June 4, 2021
nouns that start with m
    nouns that start with m
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Do you know any people whose names start with the letter M? How about countries or states? Nouns include people, places, and things. They’re usually tangible, like moccasins or monuments, and they serve an important role in the English language.

Read on to enjoy a long list of nouns that start with M and further explore the function of this all-important part of speech.

50 Nouns Starting With M

Memories can last a lifetime. Minutes pass like seconds in a new marriage. Imagine how lost the world would be without M-nouns. Below, you’ll enjoy 50 of the most common nouns that start with M, one of their definitions, and a number of synonyms.





a mechanical device

instrument, implement, apparatus


a publication with articles, photographs, and advertisements

journal, periodical, publication


a system for sending written correspondence

communication, dispatch, letter


support or upkeep to something

perpetuation, support, care


the greater portion

bulk, crowd, plurality


a member of the human race, a male adult

guy, chap, fellow


those in charge of a business or group

administration, governance, superintendence


a person responsible for supervising employees

administrator, boss, supervisor


the way of doing something or behaving

behavior, conduct, procedure


a representation of a particular land or sky area

atlas, blueprint, cartograph


a place where you go to buy things

store, shop, emporium


the religious or legal process through which people become spouses

matrimony, nuptial, union


a person who has control

chief, leader, ruler


the physical components of something

matter, substance, elements


what something is made of

body, elements, essence


food eaten together

breakfast, lunch, dinner


food that comes from the bodies of animals

muscle, beef, pork


the entities that communicate information

newspaper, press, publishers


a drug or herb used to maintain health

analgesic, antibiotic, pill


a part of a group

constituent, affiliate, comrade


the ability to hold information in the mind

recollection, recall, remembrance


two or more members of the male species

guys, adults, fellows


a list of available choices

carte, manifest, list


a short communication sent from one person to another

note, letter, report


any of a class of chemical elements generally characterized as good conductors of heat and electricity

ore, alloy, mineral


a system or way of doing something

mode, system, procedure


a white liquid that comes out of mammals to feed their babies

lactose, whey, dairy


a thousand thousands

multiplicity, slew, heaps


the part of someone that things, feels, and remembers

brain, intellect, consciousness


a person chosen to carry out orders or church functions

chaplain, clergy, clergyman


sixty seconds, or a short period of time

jiffy, flash, moment


a few or more short periods of time

moments, instants, flashes


a specific task or assignment

calling, charge, objective


a way of doing something

approach, custom, system


a specific design of a product

archetype, prototype, version


a person who has given birth to a child, or has the responsibility to care for the child

mommy, mother, ma


a brief period of time

instant, minute, flash


currency used to buy goods

cash, bills, coins


any of the 12 parts of the calendar year

period, four weeks, lunar cycle


the first part of the day from midnight until noon

daybreak, daylight, dawn


a woman who gives birth to children or has the responsibility to care for children

mom, parent, mum


a movement or action

change, act, action


anything that makes something move

device, engine, instrument


a part of the Earth that is very wide and tall

peak, hill, ridge


the opening of something

entrance, opening, orifice


changing locations or positions

action, activity, gesture


a motion picture or film that tells a story

film, flick, show


bodily bundles of cells or fibers that produce movement

fiber, tissue, brawn


a building that houses famous works of art

archive, collection, gallery


sounds that are pleasant, harmonized

harmony, melody, tune


What Is a Noun?

Nouns are the part of speech that refers to a person, place, thing, or idea. When we use them in our writing, we often need to place an article before the noun, such as “a,” “an,” or “the.” For example, “a map” or “the magnolia.”

One of the primary functions of nouns is to act as the subject of the sentence. So, in the sentence, “Mornings are marvelous,” “mornings” is a noun. Nouns can also act as direct objects. In the sentence, “Mary melted margarine,” “margarine” is the direct object. It’s the object of the verb “melted.”

capital letter m

    Types of Nouns

    Nouns can appear in almost any portion of a sentence. They serve several functions in English. As such, there are many different types of nouns. Here are a few of the most popular categories:

    • Proper nouns name specific things, like the names of people, cities, states, countries, buildings, and books. As proper nouns, they are capitalized. So, “Marie” is a proper noun, but “girl” is a common noun.
    • Common nouns refer to general items, such as “mountain,” instead of “Mount Everest.”
    • Abstract nouns are used when you can’t touch the noun. These nouns are theoretical, such as “mood” or “madness.”
    • Collective nouns refer to large groups, such as a “mob” of kangaroos or a “mess” of officers.
    • Possessive nouns demonstrate ownership over something else. For example, “Morgan’s motorbike” indicates that Morgan owns the bike.

    To continue to explore these categories, check out Types of Nouns.


    10 Example Sentences

    Would you like to see some of these M-nouns in motion? Here are 10 of them used in sample sentences:

    1. Can you pass me that travel magazine?
    2. The majority has ruled; it’s off to Spain we go.
    3. She has a lovely manner about herself.
    4. What material did you use to make that?
    5. Let’s all eat a meal together.
    6. I have a method for cleaning.
    7. She’ll have a glass of milk with her pie.
    8. We love the minister at our new church.
    9. What is your mission today?
    10. Let’s go to the museum where we first met.

    Many More M Words

    Nouns are a great place to start, but they’re just the beginning when it comes to vocabulary building. After exploring nouns that begin with M, keep building your English language skills with WordFinder’s extensive list of words that start with the letter M Explore a long list of M-words arranged by length, then use the on-screen filter to adjust the results based on your particular interests, such as length and what letters are in the beginning, middle or end of words. This powerful word list tool makes it easy to fully explore any letter of the alphabet.


    Masses of M-Nouns

    Collectively, there are masses of M-nouns. It’s a pretty popular letter of the alphabet. If you’d like to continue walking through the alphabet, exploring nouns letter by letter, then start back at the beginning. Without further ado, here’s our list of 50 of the most popular Nouns That Start With A. Let’s go on an adventure of great ambition!