Sentence Examples

  • Induction is the strictest phase, and recommends eating fewer than 20 g of carbohydrates per day from low carb foods, including animal proteins, leafy green vegetables, and full-fat dairy products such as butter, heavy cream, and cheese.
  • When the band moves to the C chord, you slide your fingers along the same strings until you're at the eighth fret of the E (which is C) and the ninth fret of the G (which is E) and you've created the same sort of harmony for the G chord.
  • For example, the lowest mean birth weight has been noted in Africa (New Guinea Lumi's tribe: mean birth weight = 2,400 grams); whereas the largest mean birth weight has been noted in the Caribbean (Aguilla: mean birth weight = 3,880 g).
  • Before you run out and purchase some Katie Price lingerie for yourself, however, please note that her lingerie only caters to women with D to G curves; if you happen to be smaller, then you may have to remain content with her website.
  • Diamond color is also critical to Daniel K engagement rings: all stones must be of D or G color grades to be placed in Daniel K designs, a level of quality that less than 1 percent of the world's diamond supply can achieve.