90 Adjectives That Start With “G”

Updated September 7, 2022
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    Adjectives That Start with G
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Good gravy! The letter “G” has great times written all over it. There’s nothing as gratifying as using a “G” adjective, which are words that describe people, places, and objects. With adjectives like gorgeous, gracious, and gluttonous, “G” is just the gift that keeps on giving.

Positive Adjectives That Start With “G”

If you’re ever feeling gloomy, changing your vocabulary might help to turn your mood a little more golden. Thankfully, there are a ton of positive adjectives that start with “G” to add to your vocabulary. With kind words to describe your goodhearted friends, glorious cheeseburgers, and graceful dance moves, positive “G” adjectives are guaranteed to help you stay groovy.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
gainful providing a gain or profit advantageous, beneficial, productive
gamesome active, up for anything willing, lively, sporty
garnished ornately decorated embellished, enhanced, elaborate
gifted possessing talents endowed, skilled, talented
gilded finely decorated, often in gold ornate, luxurious, splendid
glamorous physically beautiful or alluring attractive, fetching, winsome
glitzy attractive and fancy glittery, sparkling, flashy
glorious something worthy of praise brilliant, magnificent, splendid
gobsmacked pleasantly surprised shocked, flabbergasted, amazed
golden valuable or advantageous auspicious, effulgent, shining
goodhearted kind to others altruistic, considerate, philanthropic
gorgeous physically appealing or attractive beautiful, comely, good-looking
graceful having ease and beauty of movement delicate, dextrous, lithe
gratifying providing pleasure or reward enjoyable, worthwhile, pleasing
groomed neat and clean prepared, primed, attractive
groovy very good and cool excellent, splendid, wonderful
groundbreaking new and exciting revolutionary, unparalleled, unprecedented
grounded humble and appreciative stable, sincere, practical
guaranteed promised and certain protected, assured, attested
gumptious having gumption or eagerness ambitious, industrious, hustling

Negative Adjectives That Start With “G”

Good grief, staying too positive all the time can feel a little grating for you and everyone around you. You need some negative adjectives that start with “G” to describe gauche strangers, gutless cowards, and grotesque food crimes. Grave moments call for grave words.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
galling very annoying or upsetting vexing, irritating, irksome
garish tasteless, too ornamental ostentatious, lurid, harsh
garrulous excessively talkative loquacious, voluble, chattering
gauche awkward or unwelcome tacky, impolite, tactless
gaudy unattractive and cheap tacky, showy, brassy
gawky physically awkward clumsy, ungainly, uncoordinated
ghastly frightful and bad revolting, terrible, distressing
gloomy sad and dark bleak, somber, cheerless
gluttonous unattractively greedy, prone to overeating piggish, voracious, insatiable
godforsaken miserably remote and distant neglected, miserable, secluded
gossipy constantly talking about others prattling, blabbing, tattle-telling
grandiloquent using large words to show off erudite, bombastic, turgid
grandiose showing off; overly magnificent overdone, pompous, pretentious
grating harsh and unpleasant abrasive, irritating, rasping
gratuitous more than required excessive, over the top, unnecessary
grave deadly serious dignified, solemn, subdued
greedy wanting to an unreasonable degree acquisitive, covetous, rapacious
groggy sluggish and dull unsteady, dazed, overtired
gross crude or vulgar crass, indecent, vulgar
grotesque horrifying in appearance disgusting, repulsive, bizarre
grueling harshly challenging or exhausting punishing, demanding, arduous
gruesome containing blood or violence appalling, grisly, morbid
gruff speaking harshly surly, brusque, short-tempered
gutless cowardly, not brave faint-hearted, submissive, spineless
gut-wrenching desperately sad or painful sickening, devastating, heartbreaking

Personality Adjectives That Start With “G”

Gratefully, a lot of the words above can help you describe the gumptious citizens you surround yourself with, but it doesn’t hurt to have a gargantuan collection of personality adjectives that start with "G." You’ll be grateful for all the words to describe your gleeful grandmother, gentlemanly grandfather, and goofy parents.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
gallant characterized by bravery and chivalry audacious, valiant, valorous
geeky smart but socially awkward nerdy, dorky, intellectualistic
genial friendly to everyone affable, easygoing, upbeat
genteel polite and refined polished, sophisticated, well-mannered
gentle mild in temperament kind, mild, tenderhearted
gentlemanly respectful and thoughtful toward others courteous, refined, polite
genuine authentic or real truthful, honest, veritable
giddy blissfully happy flighty, excited, elated
giving generous and kind benevolent, big-hearted, considerate
glad having a cheerful demeanor festive, happy, joyous
gleeful merry and joyful delighted, elated, exuberant
glum depressed and sad melancholy, morose, dejected
goofy amusingly silly kooky, wacky, dotty
gracious thoughtful and aware of others benign, courteous, urbane
grateful appreciative of an action beholden, indebted, obliged
gregarious sociable, happy in groups communicative, extroverted, outgoing
guarded cautious toward others shy, reserved, leery
guileless without deception frank, honest, candid
gullible easily fooled credulous, naive, unsuspecting
gutsy brave and daring valiant, plucky, intrepid

Descriptive Adjectives That Start With “G”

Good golly, positive or negative, sometimes you just need a glossy, glistening adjective to describe something in your life. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit grand with all your descriptive adjectives that start with “G.” You’ll be grateful that you have all the words to describe gelatinous marshmallows, gauzy curtains, and gushing geysers.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
gamy tasting or smelling like spoiled meat pungent, earthy, rancid
gaping wide open cracked, parted, yawning
gargantuan absolutely enormous monstrous, tremendous, colossal
gaunt sickly thin, starving haggard
gauzy light and transparent hazy, diaphanous, delicate
gelatinous having a jelly-like consistency coagulated, jellied, viscous
gelid freezing cold arctic, frozen, wintry
generous giving more than expected lavish, magnanimous, openhanded
geriatric very old senescent, elderly, decrepit
gigantic resembling a giant, very large colossal, enormous, huge, vast
glaring unpleasantly or startlingly bright garish, gaudy, lurid
gleaming catching the light shining, bright, lustrous
glistening polished and shining coruscate, reflecting, scintillating
glittering sparkling brilliant, decorative, lovely
glossy something with a solid shine lustrous, shining, sleek
gnarled ruggedly misshapen crooked, distorted, twisted
gory characterized by blood and violence bloody, grisly, savage
grand large in extent or significance bombastic, exalted, expansive
graphic visually arresting evocative, striking, vivid
greasy slick; covered with grease or oil adipose, oily, unctuous
gritty containing sand or hard particles abrasive, rough, scratchy
griseous streaked with gray silvery, grizzled, mottled
gushing flowing forth spouting, emitting, streaming
gustatory having to do with the sense of taste culinary, delicious, sensual
guttural a harsh-sounding, throaty sound husky, gravelly, growly

Example Sentences for Adjectives Starting With “G”

Great Scott, you know a lot of “G” adjectives now! But there’s a difference between knowing some words and having a genuine understanding of how to apply them. Looking at some example sentences is a graphic way to see these groundbreaking words in action.

  1. Taking a final graceful plie, Debbie completed her dance workout.
  2. She was glad to find a new hobby to try out during the dull days of winter.
  3. Debbie loved the gorgeous moves she was learning in class.
  4. She strolled out of the dance studio into a glorious sunset.
  5. Debbie headed home, happy with her gradual but steady progress.
  6. She didn't expect to be a groundbreaking dancer, but many of the moves came naturally.
  7. Chatting with her classmates also satisfied her gregarious side.
  8. He gave a genuine laugh at the joke, even though it was a little corny.
  9. Her partner always made dinner a gustatory delight.
  10. Our family was looking forward to our grand vacation that would involve water slides, camping under the stars, and an all-you-can-eat ice cream shop.
  11. We all woke up when my brother gave a guttural scream after he’d stepped in the cat’s litter box in the middle of the night.
  12. Our favorite mascot Gritty somehow hit the Griddy in the gritty sand at the beach.
  13. It was easy to trick our gullible friend into thinking we weren’t going to get him a huge birthday cake.
  14. The pizza was extremely greasy, but we were in the mood for something to mess up our guts.
  15. We were worried about a carbon monoxide leak, but it turned out we were all just groggy without some good coffee.
  16. I was gobsmacked by the number of jelly beans that my friend could eat at once.
  17. The class was absolutely giddy about the field trip to the fireworks factory.
  18. Our friend’s garish suit — bright pink, ill-fitting, and covered in sequins — was a bit much for a trip to the hardware store.
  19. The gut-wrenching ending to that movie left the entire audience in tears.
  20. Our friend was so genial that people kept buying him food and drinks.

Gee Whiz, Even More “G” Words

Geez Louise, if adjectives weren’t enough, you can find a giant helping of other “G” words in other parts of speech. Building your vocabulary with more “G” words can improve your writing skills and conversation abilities, and they can help you achieve a higher score in word games.